Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Part II

So where I left off, Thomas and I were driving into Burbank to pick up my mom, dad, Malachi and Kadi Jo. We arrived Tuesday afternoon and picked them up at the airport to head straight to Lancaster for that evening's baccalaureate services! The kids were fantastic on the trip and received many compliments from other passengers on both of their flights!  The next morning, my mom, Dad and Logan all got up and went off to Commencement while Kadi Jo, Malachi, Thomas and I took our time and headed to Downtown Disney for lunch!  It's an outdoor mall right outside Disneyland and when we found out there was a Rainforest Cafe there, we knew we had to take the kiddos for lunch!!

Here's my handsome big and little man getting ready to walk around and head to lunch!

Kadi Jo and Malachi at the entrance to Downtown Disney!!

Rainforest Cafe - which Malachi was NOT a fan of!!!  Those moving animals freaked him out a bit!

Buzz and Woody!!!

Because they were both so stinkin' adorable in their new mouse ears...they needed ice cream!  (We may or may not have washed off in one of the fountains afterwards!)

We headed to our hotel around 3:00 and met up with Lolli, Pop and Logan to head to Huntington Beach!!  It was a little overcast and chilly, but the kids had SO much fun!!!

That water was COLD!!  Lolli playing with the kiddos!

Lolli, Pop, Malachi and Kadi Jo!

My parents watched the kiddos for a little while so Thomas and I could go for a sunset walk along the beach!  It was so nice!!

Malachi finally bundled up after all the playing in that cold Pacific water!

We still have sand in our car after that adventure!  haha  But, it was a blast and the kiddos had SO much fun splashing around and building sand castles!!  We got back to the hotel, shoved some food down our throats and slept that night in preparation for our next, and the most amazing adventure, DISNEYLAND!!!

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