Friday, April 27, 2012

Resurrection Sunday

Our "Resurrection Sunday" experience was unlike any other we've ever had because, for the first time in our lives, we were actually able to host a family dinner at our own home!!  It was a wonderful (stressful) experience trying to get our living room painted/decorated somewhat before family came over!  We spent the 7-10 days before painting our hearts out in our living room (with a vaulted ceiling) and culminated that time by cleaning our carpets!  It was INCREDIBLY special to feel proud of our new house and create our new tradition of where we want to take Easter Pictures of our little family knowing that it'll be SO awesome to see how we all change throughout the years against the same backdrop! 

Here's the kids on Good Friday after they colored their eggs!

The Kids' Table!

The adults' table!

My Sweet Family (And Bob the Tomato...that's a whole 'nother post!)  This is in front of my Mom's fireplace!  We had to drop Malachi off so we could go early to our special Resurrection Sunday Choir Practice!

I know I'm biased (and I know it's okay), but we sure do have a beautiful little boy!

 Can't wait to see how tall he is next year next to that giant Double T!  (Yes I can wait actually!  Can't he just stay this little forever?)

SWEET SWEET!!  On another note...this picture sure does point out just how great my husband is looking!  He's only 3.5 pounds away from his first goal weight!  WAY TO GO Honey!!

I'm telling you, I live with the best looking father/son duo there is!

My sweet handsome and I!

My sweetHEART and I!

Man those kids sure have grown since last year!  But you can't tell me we haven't gotten our money's worth out of those buckets!!  

And, because it seems like there's a picture of my boy crying EVERY year for some reason, I couldn't forget to include this one!  (He was crying because Karter found the prize egg first!)

Here's a sneak peak of our newly decorated living room!  I have a project (pinterest...where else) to work on for our large wall, but I'm VERY pleased with how everything has turned out so far!!

Finally, an update on everything else in our lives!  We have stopped trying (medically) to get pregnant for a while!  We just needed a break and it has been VERY good for our sanity and our marriage to do so!  My wonderful husband has lost a TON of weight and is looking GREAT!  And, to top it off, we are going to California in 10 days to see my brother graduate with his Bible Certificate, then go to Huntington Beach THEN TO DISNEYLAND!!!  So, I'm sure I'll have lots of fun pictures to share of that trip!  Thomas and I get to drive out a few days early to go to Las Vegas and we are SO excited for some fun couple time!  We are going to see the Phantom of the Opera and are generally looking forward to just some quiet time! 

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