Monday, August 22, 2011

My Dear Sweet Baby Brother


Words cannot begin to express the pride I have knowing that you are following the Lord's direction at this time in your life.  I was just looking at and found a number of videos that brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart.  To see that you will be surrounded by like-minded young men and women who are also there answering the Lord's call warms my heart so much!  Knowing that your spiritual life and participation in a local church is one of the college's biggest goals excites me for your heart and your soul.  I know you have struggled to find direction in your life and to figure out just what it is the Lord wants you to do.  However, knowing that your heart is open and prepared to go and do and that you have answered the Lord's calling makes me so proud.  Yesterday at church when Bro. Bigham asked for prayer over you, Brittany and Casslyn, I wanted to jump up and say that's MY brother.  My heart is bursting with joy and pride.

On the other hand, my heart is hurting knowing that you're going so far away from me.  I feel so blessed that you and I have always had such a wonderful relationship, much closer than a lot of brothers and sisters and I truly feel like a part of me will be left in California next week.  And, although a part of me will be left, I am excited to see how that part of me will change and grow and mature over the coming months!  I know that you will be successful in whatever endeavor the Lord places in your heart.  I know that you are going to have more fun than you could ever imagine and I know that you are going to know the Lord in such a personal way when you come back.  (You are coming back right?)  Truth is, I'm a little jealous of the opportunity you have to shut out the world for the next 12 months and grow your personal walk with God.  I've gotten those opportunities, but only for a week out of every summer and, inevitably, the fire fades and I've got to work twice as hard to kindle the flames next time.  However, you're going to have 12 full months will little to no worldly influence on your life.  You will be living the revival that is SO badly needed in this country and in many Christians' hearts today!  And, if the Lord chooses NOT to call you back home at the end of this journey, but instead sends you somewhere else, my prayer is that I can continue to rejoice in His grace and mercy knowing that He is using you for mighty things! 

And yes, just in case you were wondering, I AM praying that the Lord will give you a beautiful young woman while you're there.  Mom has always prayed that you would find a godly wife and I have no doubts that while immersed in the greatness of God's love, He will provide you a help-meet who will encourage you and love you for the wonderful man you are!  You deserve that Logan!

Our hearts will hurt and Canyon won't be the same without you.  I'm going to miss terribly seeing you out in that congregation from the choir and will think of you with every "on the last now" spoken!  You are an incredible brother, a wonderful uncle and a great all-around guy and I know that God, if you continue to allow Him, is going to move in your heart unlike anything you've ever felt before.  Get ready, the Devil is going to attack harder than he ever has knowing that you're doing the Lord's work...just like 1 Peter says...BE SOBER and VIGILANT!  The Devil wants to devour you and your spirit...hold tight to your God and seek first His kingdom.  Pray without ceasing, do everything to the glory of God and thank Him continually for the blessings He's given you.  Know that we will be anxiously awaiting each update and will celebrate with you every success! 

I am proud of you, my brother and I love you with all of my heart!

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Sandy said...

Love this post! Love your heart too.