Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kids say...and Daddy's 5K!

So, I am proud to announce that I am officially...married to a runner!  Thomas has always been an athlete, but usually in the form of a massive tight-end in football.  However, as most things go football wise, when you quit, that mass of muscle tends to get a little less toned and that massive steak/hamburger/hot dog diet that you were on starts to really add up.  (Especially when your wife hates to cook...ahem, I'm working on that!)  Christmas Day, my hot hubby started working out and exercising and has lost 30 pounds to date!  I'm not really interested in seeing him lose too much more weight, but very interested in the increased energy he has!  The first few months were spent doing a combination of P90X and Biggest Loser on the Wii, as well as drastically changing our grocery shopping habits!  He's even got ME eating more vegetables which is a big deal for anyone that knows how much of a steak and taters girl I am!!  Anyway, on August 6, Thomas ran in his first 5K in our hometown!  As he'd only really been training for a 5K for 4 weeks, he was hoping to come in around 26 minutes.  Like anything else he does, he easily surpassed that goal with an official time of 24:47!  Now, I can't stop him!  Nor would I want to! The joy he gets from running is something I wish I could understand, but am so happy for him!  So, on that note, here are a few pictures from his first 5K!  WAY TO GO honey - I could NOT be more proud of you!

Here he is before the race!
 His number one fan!
 Yes, his tag (?) says "Thomas Callen!"  Apparently Thomas C Allen is difficult to read ??
 Go Daddy Go!  (He yelled this the entire 5 minutes before they took off and started again when we saw Daddy coming back up the street!)  SO Cute!
 Getting ready to take off!
 Eating a blue snowcone at 8:30a.m. waiting for Daddy to come back!  (Mother of the year folks...come meet her anytime!)
 And here are my two favorite men AFTER the big finish!  Bananas and all!
 I wanna be just like you Dad!

So what's next for my running man?  Well, there's the Komen Race for the Cure coming up in September and another 5K in Lubbock in October!  I better keep myself lookin' good to hold onto my hottie!  haha

In other news, I have to tell you how fun it is to have a 3 year old boy!  The things he comes up with keep us constantly laughing!  He loves Sonic "flushies", is proving how "boy" he truly is by thinking all bodily functions are hysterical and worth repeating and loves his "Raider Naider" (our puppy who shall be getting his own post soon probably!)  He can recognize most letters A-M and we're going through them about 3 times a week before bed so he can learn not only what they look like, but also what they say!  He signs all cards that we send with his "M" and can count objects, not just counting in sequential order!  Next on the list is long division...haha  He has a place in the big kids class (4 and 5 year olds) at daycare and I have no doubt he'll learn a LOT from his teacher, Mrs. Monique (sugar booger to Malachi!)  He loves to take Aunt J (another daycare teacher) on "dates" to McDonald's or Feldman's and adores our new home!  His favorites right now are riding his bike, helping Daddy mow our grass and playing a "Kerplunk" type game with bumble bees!  He's become quite adept at finding ingenious ways to argue without actually arguing, i.e. "Hey Mom, you know what?" then going on to say the exact same thing I told him he'd better not say again.  Everytime he gets in trouble his first defense is to tell me, "Hey Mom," "Yes handsome?" "You know what?  I love Daddy."  Or, vice versa!  And, if we're both getting onto him, all of a sudden he loves Lolli! haha  I do love how sensitive he is when it comes to disappointing one of us!  I"m glad his heart breaks when he thinks we're disappointed...I'd much rather him have a tender heart about that so that we can use discipline as sparingly as possible.  (And, it's working...for the record...not all the time, but real discipline is few and far between these days!) More importantly, he has memorized 5 memory verses since Christmas, John 3:16, Colossians 3:20, Psalms 119:105, John 1:3 and Jeremiah 10:10.  We try to do one about every 6 weeks and I'm so glad we're planting those seeds in his heart now! 

Well, I won't lie...there is a good chance I won't have any more posts for a while.  My brother is getting ready to ship out to West Cost Baptist College next Friday so we're all driving him to Lancaster, CA via San Diego next Friday.  My parents, Malachi and Logan's best friend, Tanner, will be flying back next Tuesday and Thomas and I are going to head back down to San Diego for a day to go to Sea World and then drive back arriving home hopefully early on September 1st!  I'm very much looking forward to the trip and very much NOT looking forward to dropping my baby brother (who happens to be 22 and 6'5") off that far away!  However, I know this is the Lord's plan for his life so I couldn't be more excited for him and to see what the next phase of his life is going to bring!!! 


Sandy said...

Love this post! He SMOKED the 5k!!! Way to go!

MageeBaby said...

WHHHEWWWW! You have so much going on right now! :) So glad things are going great! And it is sooo funny to listen to 3 year olds! :) Love reading about how great things are going and seeing the adorable photos!!!!!!!!