Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3rd Birthday! (Only 2 months late in posting!)


I cannot (I repeat) CANNOT believe our sweet boy is a whole 3 years old!  Everyday is so much fun with him and it's really hit us over the last couple months how grown up he has become!!!  On top of truly (not just saying this because I'm his Mom) being a really smart kid...he's hysterical and keeps us laughing constantly! 

As I said in my last post, the last few months have brought a LOT of changes!  On May 14th (Thomas' birthday) - we celebrated Malachi's birthday!  No invitations...mostly family and a few friends...ALL fun!  The reason we didn't go all out?  Our entire household was packed in boxes because on May 16th (Malachi's actual birthday) we closed on our new home!  So, as you'll see from the upcoming pictures, we had a "leftover" party!  My mother is known for going out and getting plates/cups/bowls for all our celebrations.  Inevitably there are 6 or 7 bowls and 3 or 4 plates left over from each party!  And, besides using those when we're out of our "fine" paper goods (ha!) we still have a stash of mis-matched stuff!  Thus - the "leftover" party!  I love it because it was one cared (least of all Malachi) and we didn't have to spend much money at all!  Which, as you all know, is optimum when planning a party and a large move at the same time!!!  (See all the different patterns?  Christmas, Graduation, Halloween and even Baby Shower!)

We LOVE our new home and soon I'll put pictures of Malachi's new room up! It's the first we've tackled and I love it - though it's DEFINITELY a work in progress! We've also gotten a new puppy, Raider! He's a morkie (maltese/yorkie) and is a DOLL! He's perfect for us and Malachi ADORES him! We're still waiting on some unanswered prayers but continue to trust (I'll be honest...sometimes it's a struggle) the Lord that His timing is always perfect!!

Our New Puppy, Raider!!! 

Raider and his brother, my Mom's new puppy, Magnum!

Alright folks - I've got a TON of posts planned over the next week or so so HOPEFULLY this will catch us up!  Oh, and have y'all heard of the "dropbox" app?  My bestie introduced me to it and, seriously, NOW I feel like blogging again since I can share all of my pictures easily that I take on my phone!

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MageeBaby said...

OHHHH! 3 years has flown by hasn't it! Crazy!!!! He looks like he had so much fun! Love seeing the pictures and all the family and friends getting to celebrate too! FUN! And wow you've been sooo busy... birthdays and closing on house and moving! whew!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on all the happy stuff going on! so cool!