Monday, November 15, 2010

This weekend -

Sorry for the lack of creativity!  It eludes me at the'll just have to forgive me!!!  ha

This weekend was full, but in a very relaxing, very re-charging way!  Friday didn't start out so great as our sweet baby boy was diagnosed with and got a BIG shot of steroids to treat Croup!  Can I just say, YUCK?  Croup is what caused him to get so sick 2 years ago so I'm not a big fan of the virus itself!  When he woke up Thursday night around 11:30 and coughed, I knew IMMEDIATELY what the cough was and what it meant.  So, Daddy stayed home Friday and after we took him to the Dr., they both went home and rested!  (Well deserved for Daddy...he's been pretty busy in the last week!)

Saturday morning, Malachi's cough was gone and he seemed to be feeling well so we decided that for ALL of our sakes, we needed to get out of the house for a little while.  We headed to breakfast with Lolli and Pop before we spent some time at the "scratch and spit" stores, Lowe's and Home Depot looking around!!  Then, we came home, took a nap, cleaned house (kinda) and got ready for Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve to come over.  They're some of Malachi's favorite people - especially Uncle Steve!  Although, we continuously laugh that we're not sure who's more tired when they leave, Malachi or Uncle Steve!!!  hahaha 

Sunday, since Malachi had been sick, we decided to keep him home from church and we got busy around the house! By 10:00 a.m. the dishes were done, laundry was separated and going and several loads had been completed, closets were cleaned out and Malachi's room looked like this...

We were planning on transitioning to a big boy bed this weekend, but with him being sick, we didn't want to rock the boat!  He's not climbing out of it or anything, but it's time!  (insert sad face here)  I cannot believe my little boy will be 2.5  years old tomorrow!!!  So, we're going to HOPEFULLY go to a big boy bed NEXT weekend!!!  I'll be sure and update on how that goes!!  As a friend pointed out on facebook, though, at least it was his room and not the living room that looked like that.  So true...however, THIS is what the living room looked like approximately an hour later!!
Yes!!  We were decorating for Christmas.  Now, before I hear all the moans and groans that it's not even Thanksgiving yet...let me explain.  Not only are we responsible for decorating our own house, but we also help my parents decorate their daycare AND their house.  So, it's necessity that we decorate early - or it might be too late by the time we DO get around to our own house!  Just like last year, we went with the lime green, white, silver and red motif and I LOVE it just as much as I did last year!!!  Sorry the picture's a little dark...the lights were off and all of these pictures were taken with my phone!
This is our tree topper this year!  My mom bought it for me and I LOVE how whimsical it makes the tree feel!!!
This little cutie likes it too!!! 

 All we have left to do for our house is hang our giant stocking on our front door, decorate our light pole outside and hang the lights outside!!!  Hopefully that'll be done by this weekend!!

As far as other things are concerned - here's where we stand.  I had my blood drawn last Wednesday and my "levels" dropped significantly from last Monday's levels.  This (I guess) indicates that my pregnancy was NOT ectopic which (again, I guess) is a good thing.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything!  We are headed back to the doctor this Wednesday to do a final check of my levels and then meet with our fabulous doctor to discuss.  What we're going to discuss, I'm really not sure.  I want to know why they thought it was ectopic to begin with...I want to know where we go from here and when our 3 months starts...I want to know what we do when we do get pregnant again - Will we be more cautious when I do get pregnant again?  Will we do more close monitoring when I do get pregnant again?  What should I do for the next 3 months to get my body as ready for another baby as possible?  Do I HAVE to wait 3 months?  (I know the answer to this...but I still want to ask!) 

Emotionally and spiritually we're doing very well.  We've had lots of time to cry, snuggle, talk and joke over the last week and that has done WONDERS for our marriage!  Truly - I've never felt closer to my husband than I do at this very moment!  Thomas has been my rock this last week and continues to lead me through this.  I have a husband that lots of women would kill for - and that fact is not lost on me!  Some of the hardest things we've had to do is to try to choke back tears when Malachi comes up and points to my belly, laughing and saying it's a boy.  (It's a game we played...he would say it was a boy and I would tickle him and tell him it was a girl!)  Throwing away the baby's pumpkin from a couple posts back and then telling Malachi we had to throw it away when he asked where it was...Packing up his "big brother" T-Shirt because we just can't bear to look at it right now.  These are all things we've had to just push our way through this week!  On the other hand, we've never questioned why...I had a few angry moments last Wednesday after my blood draw, but, again, Thomas comforted me (on facebook, nonetheless) and brought me back to reality pretty quickly!!!  We're just ready to put this behind us, never forgetting, but moving forward with the next stage in our life together!!!  I've been listening to my Pandora "Selah" station a LOT lately and have been comforted by many of the songs the Lord has chosen to play for my sake!  All in all, life is good, God is better and we're thankful for what we DO have and who we DO get to hold and cuddle each night!!! 


Amy said...

Just wanted you to know I was thinking and praying for you my dear! I love your tree....its beautiful and the little man in front of it makes it even better! God Bless!

Lindsey said...

So glad you're all doing better! The tree is so cute! I think you've inspired me to get busy on decorating my house!

MageeBaby said...

Hey! I'm just getting around to getting to read blogs lately. :) Been busy! Thinking of you.