Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Halloween 2010 was a BLAST!  Malachi was old enough this year to understand the concept of Trick or Treating and he couldn't wait to wear his "Lawy the Coocumber" costume!!! 

If I do say so myself, he's the cootest coocumber I've ever seen!!  These pictures were taken at the daycare right before his Halloween Party! 

Here he is with Lolli  - AKA "Witchiepoo!"

Saturday morning we decided to paint our pumpkins instead of carve them!  And, I'm so glad we did! 

Painting his first colors!!  Think he enjoyed it?

Version 1 of the pumpkin...

...which soon became...

...version 2!  Beautiful shade of gray!

My sweet husband and our beautiful son!  Seriously, it just doesn't get any better...*

Dirty boys!

Our pumpkins!  Aren't they cute?

At Lolli's house fixing to go trick-or-treating!

All the kiddos!

Finally - going to see our favorite people!  Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve!!!  Our Halloween was definitely a treat, not a trick!!!

*Oh, and remember when I said it just doesn't get any better?????

I LIED!  I bet it's better next year when we've got two little ones!!!  This sweet boy's gonna be the best big brother EVER!


Amy said...

Love the Halloween pics! AND CONGRATS Mommy! I am so happy for you. Please keep me posted. Looks like you are right behind me! Love and God Bless! And by the way, I can't thank you enough for your kind words a few weeks ago. It really did mean the world to me!

Lindsey said...!!!! Congratulations! This is wonderful news!