Monday, November 15, 2010

Funny Things Malachi Has Said!

So apparently we have been singing "Ring Around the Rosie" all wrong! I've been singing "ashes ashes we all fall down." According to Malachi it's "a@#less a@#less" we all fall down. Pretty appropriate if you ask me considering the boy has no butt!!

Oh, and tonight as I was *ahem* cleaning him up in the bathroom, he said "Look Mom, 2 popcorns!" and then he flushed! I guess I should be happy he can count!!!

He is SUCH a mess!
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Lindsey said...

That's so cute! And hilarious! It doesn't stop as they get older, trust me. My 5-year-old pointed to my forehead last night and said, "Momma, I like your zit. It's big and it's fat and I like it." Gee, thanks, Babe.

Amy said...

I just read your post to Chris and we both busted out laughing! The things that kids say! Love it! God Bless