Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Canadian Fall Festival

Just like last year, this year the fam headed up to Canadian, Texas for their annual Fall Foliage Festival!  And, just like last year, (minus our best friends), we had a complete blast!!!  The weather was beautiful, the craft fair was awesome (thanks Mom for the purse) and spending time with family and friends was wonderful and JUST the re-charge we needed!

On the way there, we had the most BIZARRE experience, in the little town of Miami (my-AM-uh, for those of you NOT from around here...NOT my-AM-ee).  This gentleman is a volunteer firefighter raising money for breast cancer research and awareness!!  One of them was even holding a sign saying "Saving Second Base!"  SO funny!!!

Both times we've gone, we've headed to the same restaurant for lunch.  Both times we've gone we've been disappointed.  We won't make that mistake again.  However, we had to get pictures again!!  Just for the sake of comparison - I've put a picture from LAST year and from THIS year!  Boy - we've changed!
 And, just because I LOVE Black and White!!  (This one's going on our picture wall!)
At the restaurant we let the kiddos play on a really cute staircase they had (it led to storage, so it wasn't a big deal) while we waited!!
Kadi Jo and Malachi LAUGHING their heads off!!!
The Three Amigos.  (Kadi - 4,  Karter - 5 and Malachi - 2.5!)
I hate that this picture is so dark - but these are my two handsome men!!! 
And, again, for comparison sake - Malachi THIS year...
Malachi and Aunt Donna - LAST year.  My BABY is GONE!

After lunch we headed out to Lake Marvin for a horse drawn carriage ride and the kiddos got to run around a little! Here's me and my baby boy waiting for the horses!
And...last year!  Look how FAT he was!  Man I miss those cheeks!
After the horse ride, we headed out to the historic wagon bridge right outside of town for some more pictures!  And, we got some good ones, if I do say so myself!

My sweet husband and I!
Karter, Kadi and Malachi running off some steam!
Pops, Kadi, Malachi, Lolli and Karter!
And finally, my baby, Daddy's big boy and Lolli and Pop's Handsome Prince!  (Yep, this one's going on the picture wall too!) 

It was a wonderful treat for us to get away for the day and just enjoy God's beauty! 


Amy said...

Just wanted to say Hi and thanks for all the prayers my friend. I love all the pics. The new one at the header is my love love it! God Bless!

MageeBaby said...

Love the photos!!! Especially the photo on the bridge! How sweet! :)