Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our 3rd day was spent off ship (YEA!) in Cozumel.  It was DREADFULLY hot when we got off the ship and terribly humid.  But, we were headed to a water park so we were (somewhat) prepared!!

The front of our ship docked in Cozumel
After walking around waiting for the water park to open up, we wanted to eat pretty quickly after we got in!  We had a hamburger - (at least that's what they SAID it was...)
We played in the sand and water in this little bitty lagoon area.  It's actually the only part of the beach that isn't rocky with cliffs.  It's the only place you can walk down into the water like this!  Malachi had a BLAST!
Exfoliating Daddy's skin!  He LOVED smushing the sand all over Daddy!!
Overlooking the ocean - it was gorgeous!
All the little huts towards the middle of the picture were places where you could rent snorkling gear.  So, mom and I did!!  We snorkled for about an hour, then Thomas and Tanner joined us for a little while.  Thomas, however, was NOT into it, so he got out about 15 minutes later!
Finally it was time to rinse off in the fountains before getting back into the taxi!  (BTW - "air conditioning" in Mexico is rolling the windows down and driving like a maniac...just thought you might want to know)
We got back that afternoon and freshened up before dinner.  Lolli and Pops took Malachi so we could have some quiet time together and we sat and talked for about an hour and a half just looking out over Cozumel!  It was wonderful!
That night at dinner was "Italian" night and during one of the songs everybody twirled their napkins in the air!  SO FUN!
This is a terrible picture of Malachi, but the best one that any of us had of Barb, our waitress.  She was fantastic and in LOVE with Malachi.  (common theme throughout the cruise)  He thought pretty highly of her too and it's taken about a month for him to stop asking for her!
My dessert that night with my husband's artistic flair!  Sweet thought!
There are only so many ways you can keep a 2 year old entertained.  This was one of them!
Pops and Mali resting after eating dinner! 
The rose guy loved Malachi too and gave him a rose after dinner.  So, he did what any good grandson would do, he gave it to Lolli!!
So she took him dancing! 
Then he started dancing with these two sweet people.  That gentleman is 80 years old and the lady with him is his daughter.  Malachi just went right up to them and they took to him so well!  Then, after the dance, he gave Malachi a gold dollar which now resides in his piggy bank for safe-keeping!  SO sweet!
Our next day looked a lot like this...RAIN!  We ported in Key West and had about an hour before it started POURING down rain! 
We ended up getting out in it and playing!  SO fun!
Sad part is, it was raining so hard that my camera got ruined.  I didn't get any good pictures in Key West, or for the rest of the trip.  (Which was really all traveling anyway!)  We got home safe and sound but will NEVER forget the fun we had on our cruise!!!!

On another note, you will see on the sidebar that I've stolen another idea.  This time from Today in Dietzville.  She and I are both working (with our husbands' leading, obviously) on getting out of debt and she put up her debt owed and debt paid amounts...LOVE how bold that is.  However, I also realize that several people will be encouraged by seeing that it CAN be done - SO, I've done the same! 

As of today, we have $10,550 left in consumer debt and $44,000 left in Student Loan debt.  Considering that we started with $32,746 in debt just over 15 months ago, I'm thinking we've done pretty well!  At this rate, we'll be out of debt (not including student loans) by December or January...dependent upon a few circumstances!  We'll tackle our student loans after that - SO, conceivably, we COULD be completely out of debt except for our house by the time we're 30!!!  Thomas has done an incredible job of keeping us on track with spreadsheets/charts/graphs, etc.  But, we don't spend a dime without the other knowing about it and we're using our envelope system to keep us accountable!  It can be done - you CAN win with money!!! 


Lindsey said...

So fun! I love that you've posted your Total Money Makeover too! It's a great way to stay accountable when you know people are watching. You guys have done great!

Thomas and Jamie said...

Thank you Lindsey - it's been SO exciting to move forward. We had a long way to dig out of and STILL can't believe how stupid we were in getting into that much debt. However, getting OUT of it has changed our entire marriage for the better and I SO BADLY want everyone I know to experience the blessings God has given us for being good stewards with His money!!! You've done great too - congratulations girl and keep me accountable!!!

MageeBaby said...

Yahooo! Loved reading about the rest of the vacation!!!!!!! How fun is that!!!

And that's sooo great about getting out of debt! That's is amazing how much you guys have paid off in such a short time! WOWOWOW! :)


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You ~Ron

MageeBaby said...

Hey! Hope things are going great!!! It's been crazy busy here. Just surfing and thought I would stop by. :)

The Branches said...

That looks like such a fun cruise! And that is GREAT on bringing down your debt...we are going to be paying on our TCU student loans for awhile...sooooo EXPENSIVE to get an education these days!

Sandy said...

Hey lady!!! Where are you? How have you been?