Monday, August 16, 2010

2nd Day and Captain's Dinner!

After we ate our first meal in the windjammer and got all unpacked, it was time to chill out for a little while before dinner!!  So, Daddy and Mali relaxed for a little while watching Little People!! 
Mali decided he wanted to try on Lolli's hat before dinner and put it on all by himself.  In fact, he wore it a LOT.  (Only while we were in our rooms, of course!  hahaha)
This was our first night right before dinner! 
We woke up the next morning thinking it was early so we could get up and watch the sunrise.  Well, it was 9:00a.m.  SO, we got up, got our swimsuits on and headed down to breakfast.  Malachi kept looking out the window saying "We Moving?  We Moving?"
MMMM...breakfast!  As you can see, it was deserted.  NO ONE gets up that early on a cruise!  So, we had a large majority of the area to ourselves!!
We climbed in the pool (seawater...yuck) and had the whole thing to ourselves!!  No other kids, no teenagers...and it wasn't burning up either!  BEAUTIFUL morning!
He wanted to wear my sunglasses...and he wanted me to wear Daddy's sunglasses...
A little girl at the daycare made this hat for him and it was originally all colored in.  Needless to say, I don't think it was waterproof!  hahaha  I still love this picture of our sweet boy!
Climbing on Daddy's back!
Funny Story - children that aren't potty trained are not allowed in pools on the ship because they're not filtered or chlorinated.  (I think that's why)  Even swim diapers aren't allowed.  However, I bet I had to show no less than 5-7 people his underwear to prove that he is potty trained...NO ONE believed me!  Here we are giving that gentleman a high-5 after showing off our underwear AGAIN!

He was done swimming and so was Daddy (not mommy...she could've stayed in all morning!) - so they lounged together by the pool!
After swimming and napping it was time to get ready for dinner!  Thomas taught Malachi this "look" - he's really perfected it since then, but this was the first time the whole trip that we got it on camera! 
Here's me and my wonderful family right outside the dining room before the Captain's dinner!  It was so nice to get dressed up with my handsome husband and son!!!
My beautiful mother and I! 
My brother, Logan and I - He cleans up pretty nicely huh?
All the handsome men we traveled with.  (L to R - Tanner (Logan's best friend), My Dad, Logan, Thomas and Mali!
Our family!
Seriously - does it get any cuter than this?  And, to think, he's only 2 and behaved like an ANGEL! 
Yes, the people in this picture are gorgeous, but LOOK at that view!  We got to dine by the water EVERY NIGHT!
Malachi's ketchup smiley face from our favorite waitress, Barb!  She LOVED him and the feeling was VERY mutual!
Eating like such a big boy
Every night he would finish early and sit by the window...still saying "We moving?  We moving?"
The requisite sunset picture...that I tweaked a little!  I LOVE the finish on this picture! 
This was our first towel animal!  It's watching the TV with Leroy (the monkey on the left) and Zolt (the monkey on the right, named after the DJ on the ship!)
And here's our very unhappy boy ripping his sunglasses off that stupid towel!  He was SO sleepy by that point!!!


Lindsey said...

The cruise looks amazing! But I just noticed this sonogram YouTube thing on the bottom of your blog. Are you pregnant?

MageeBaby said...

HEY! OH, he is SO cute in the suit and tie. LOVE IT! Hope you're doing great! This is the first time in a while I've had to get to look at the computer and blogs. whew! Busy busy busy! :)