Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life is to short not to LIVE it!

In the weeks since Malachi's 2nd birthday (Oh My Gosh, I still can't believe I'm saying that!) we have been very busy.  Particularly the weekend of May 29th!!!  (5 points to whomever knows the significance of THAT date!) 

Thursday night, May 27, Daddy was outside working on our VERY beat up yard.  The woman we bought our house from never, EVER mowed until she got citations from the City because her (our) yard was SO overgrown with weeds.  Last year was spent on our hands and knees for DAYS straight digging up weeds that just wouldn't go away!!! 

THIS was just one of the many weeds that were taking over our lawn.  Yes, those are the weeds you see growing along highways and in the drier areas of the state.  It's called a Russian Thistle and those things have thorns on them like you would NOT believe. 

Okay - Back to my Story - We finally seemed to have gotten rid of many of those weeds and this year Thomas sprayed some sort of SUPER killer on our yard.  Our grass was shocked for a couple weeks, but now it's coming back thick and green and in the next month I expect all the little yellow patches to be gone!!!  So, Daddy was working on our yard and Malachi looked out the window and said, "Ouside, Daddy?"  I took one look at him and said, let's do it!  Yes, he was in his underwear.  He had just finished eating Spaghetti and was a mess.  These are even training underwear because they're the first ones I grabbed after I cleaned him up from dinner!!  So, we threw on his shoes, grabbed his favorite ball and headed outside with Daddy!!!  I would NEVER have believed what a wonderful few minutes we would have had or the adorable pictures I would have captured if you would have told me!!!   

TRY to tell me this doesn't look like one of the happiest kids you've ever seen!
So, we started playing.  Daddy has a game where he throws that $1 walmart ball (We used them in Junior high as a "war ball..." but, I guess that's a whole 'nuther story huh?) against the house and it catapults right back at Malachi.  (Don't's NEVER going fast enough to do any damage if it hits him...which it has...and he laughs down to his TOES!)  Not a bad reaction time is it?  hehehe  Ya think he's anticipating it a little bit?
The ball isn't actually about to hit him...It's actually about 3 feet to his right...He still THOUGHT it was coming though!
Then, Daddy rolls the ball on TOP of the house and it bounces down and around...Here's Malachi trying to CATCH the ball!
Hi mom!
I am IN LOVE with these action shots!!!  He was laughing SO hard and having SO much fun and I just COULDN'T stop clicking away!
The fun briefly stopped while a VERY loud motorcyle drove by and Malachi ran to Daddy for protection.  I think this might be one of my favorite pictures of the two of them!  SO sweet to see him running to Daddy for protection and Daddy providing that protection just like a good Daddy should!!!  It's okay son!
After the "ball" game wore out, he decided to play chase around Daddy's City truck and I popped out from behind the porch at the right time to scare him...He screamed like a little girl and took off running again!!!

Of all the picture sequences I've taken, I think this might be close to my favorite so far!  I will NEVER forget the giggles we ALL had that night and how much fun it was to see our baby boy running around in his undies and Nikes playing in the front yard!!  Sometimes you just have to throw reason out the window and LIVE a little bit!