Thursday, April 8, 2010

Resurrection Sunday (Part 1)

And what a GLORIOUS day it was!!  The last two years Easter Resurrection Sunday has been either too cold or too windy to do anything outside.  Last year we were out there for about 6 minutes total with Malachi before we headed back in...BRRRR!!  But, this year, the Lord saw fit to give us a BEAUTIFUL day.  No wind (unlike the last 2 weeks), beautiful sun and gorgeous temperatures soaring close to 80 degrees!  Per.Fec.Tion! 

Sunday was FULL of activities for our family.  We woke up early to get ready for the day and I immediately got to work on finishing my desserts and getting ready for dying eggs.  We were supposed to do that on Saturday, but my grandfather was in the hospital with heart problems and Malachi refused to take a nap, so by 7:00p.m. he was OUT.  Needless to say, we didn't feel right about dying eggs without him! 
Look at how well he's holding that Crayon!!
Still a Little Sleepy!
Daddy's Turn!
LOVE those little FAT toes!

After about 10 minutes though, he was done and just wanted to go play.  So, we finished getting ready and headed out for church.  We had a short devotional with our AWESOME pastor and 400 of our closest church friends and then ate an INCREDIBLE breakfast they served!!  After breakfast, we all piled into the sanctuary for a wonderful Easter Cantata sung by our choir and a very clearly stated salvation message!  We were surrounded by our dear friends and wonderful family and that made the day THAT much more special!!
Skeeter (Robert), Malachi and Karter Man!
Carson (looks thrilled doesn't he?), Skeeter, Malachi, Kadi Jo and Karter (I don't know if he was afraid she was going to fall or what, but he did that in TONS of the pictures!)  hahaha
SEE, I told you!
Is her hat not PRECIOUS?  I think this is the best one we got of these four kiddos!
I have to tell you, this couple is absolutely PRECIOUS!  Their names are Clarence and Maydell Pope and you can ask ANY couple in our church - they are the CUTEST, SWEETEST and MOST INSPIRATIONAL couple I've met!  They make it their mission to minister to young couples that are just starting out and they have touched our lives beyond belief!  We LOVE Brother and Mrs. Pope and PRAY that one day we'll be 1/2 the example to others as they have been to us!!  Hmmm...Maydell Allen, what do you think?  Seriously, I can't think of many better women to name a daughter after!!!
Except maybe this one!  Love you mom and dad!

More to follow later!


Lindsey said...

Cute Easter pics!

Love your top, by the way!

MageeMommy said...

WOW! Adorable pics!!!!