Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dave Ramsey Weekend Continued

So, where I last left off, I was explaining the metaphor of getting "gazelle intense." I encourage you to watch this video - and imagine yourself as the gazelle and credit card companies as the cheetah - SEE if it doesn't energize you to get out of debt!!!

Anyway - he used that video along with TONS of clips from "What about Bob" (remember the Baby Steps???)

Another interesting illustration he used was how the credit bureaus calculate your "FICO" score.

35% payment history on debt - 30% debt levels - 15% Length of Credit History - 10% Type of Credit ON Credit History - 10% New Credits (debt) taken out - IT'S A FREAKING I LOVE DEBT SCORE!!! They grade you based upon how much, how often and how long you've been in debt!!!!! Dave also read us his credit score...wait, he doesn't have one. The credit bureaus "regretted to inform him that they were unable to calculate his credit score." AWWW, how sad! He's gone 15 years without ANY debt. 15 years people. No house debt, no car debt, NO DEBT!!! AND HE'S RICH. I'm taking my money advice from him from now on!!

During one of the breaks we went out into the lobby and had some fun.

Here's Thomas and his new best buddy!
Yes - Thomas is the Nerd and I'm the Free Spirit!!!
Our Hero - Hearts Fluttering....hahaha

Back in the venue, Dave brought his beautiful wife, Sharon, out for a visit. Her only requirement was that he was NOT allowed to make her talk!! So, he didn't. She came, she saw, she conquered, she left! That simple!! But, what a beautiful example of how WONDERFUL a marriage can be when you're not stressed about money!! (However, I heard him say JUST YESTERDAY that she STILL carries the envelope system in her purse. She's Mrs. DAVE FREAKING RAMSEY - and yes, she practices what he preaches!! LOVE IT!)

Finally, after it was all over, and Dave had given us every ounce of energy he had, we headed out to dinner. The drive to Cheesecake Factory was hysterical (well, not at the time, it wasn't) - but once we got there, we were EXHAUSTED!!!! We ate outside in the peace and quiet and tried to digest what all we had just learned. We were excited and talked about what all we could sell!!!

It was an incredible trip and one that I won't soon forget!! Thanks to Melissa and Kurt for going with us and for encouraging us! I'm proud of you guys!! I can't wait until we're debt free. Soon, we'd like to consider going to a counselor training session in Tennessee and becoming teachers of FPU since I know there aren't many in our area. Once you've changed your life like this, there's something INCREDIBLE about helping other people get there too!!! My prayer is that the Lord will use our story to inspire others and that we will be open vessels to encourage those that may want to do this, but may not know how!!!

Thank you Dave Ramsey -

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MageeMommy said...

That's so cool about your trip! We sold some stuff this weekend even. :) yahoo! Now are are debt free but are needing to get a new-to-us car since ours are on their last legs.

Oh, I have so many more potty training questions for you. Hope it's ok. This past hour I've taken him to the potty every 15 minutes or so. No peepee. then this last time after sitting there a couple minutes and no peepee took him off. We came back into the living room and he got really still and sure enough he was peepeeing so I ran him back in and sat him on the little potty and there was nothing left. arrgh. So should I be leaving him on the potty until he peepees? What to do?!

I don't think I'm consistent enough either. It's hard this week too b/c I have to drop him off to momy's day out to go to the doc 2hours away. arrghghgh!