Friday, December 4, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot... CHRISTMAS!!! Wow! How true this statement is! In the last week we've had snow, cold weather, met Santa (well, kinda) and gotten our tree put up, decorated, presents bought and even presents wrapped and put under the tree already!!

Christmas 2009 is in full swing at the Allen household right now and if you can't tell and mommy couldn't be more happy about it! I know I've said it before, but this year is SO SPECIAL because we have a BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY little boy who is going to be SO.MUCH.FUN this year! The weekend before Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree and decorated it. We thought about trying to include Malachi, but he was sleepy and we figured it would be easier to do it with him taking a nap, so, while he slept we decorated! (And it was fun to just spend time with the two of us decorating!! It reminded us of our first Christmas together and how special that time was in our lives!)

Here are a couple pictures of the finished product!! We did our tree in red/white/lime green and silver and could not be happier! It's amazing what some cheap ornaments and ribbon from Wal-Mart can do to a Christmas tree!
All Lit UP!

The Whole Tree!

I LOVE the top of our tree this year!

Last night we took Malachi to meet Santa Claus for the first time and, well, it wasn't COMPLETELY horrible. Of course, we didn't make him sit in Santa's lap since he had a DEATH GRIP on dad the whole time.

Who are you?

Of course, as soon as we put him down, he started backing away and shaking his head, so we left Santa alone and let Malachi warm up a little bit.

He got a cookie and all was good...

Until we tried to take a picture next to the blow up penguins!

So, Thomas' boss was nice enough to take our family picture so we could at least prove we were there!!

Then, mommy got a cute picture...

...and Daddy got too close to the penguin again!

After all the excitement, we went to see Lolli with her new puppy named ______. We don't have a name yet for him. His name right now is Chance, but we don't really think it fits. Do you all have any ideas for a cute name for this little guy??

Finally - Malachi got some good quality time with Pops!


Mommy Magee said...

Hey! thanks so much for the encouraging comment. Sorry you went through a similiar incident. No fun! But life goes on. :) That happened to me back in May but still bugs me. Oh well. I just have to finally let it go. :)
Love the Christmas pics!!! yahooo! We just have a couple nicknacks up so far and am planning to put up the light wreath this weekend and maybe our little 3ft tree. :) FUN! Merry early Christmas!

Amy said...

Hey Jamie! Thanks so much for your comments and support of our journey. It means so much to me. the new pics are great. Your little man just gets cuter and cuter. Christmas should be a blast with him this year! Your tree is beautiful!

Katie said...

These are precious pictures, Jamie. We haven't taken Z to see Santa yet, but it's on the list. ; )

MageeMommy said...

OH MY!!! That's too much for one Mommy (and little one) to have to go through in ONE YEAR let alone a month. I'm sorry for all that stuff going on and will start praying for him to be feeling better.

Thinking of you!