Friday, October 23, 2009

17 months!

Malachi - you are now 17 whole months old!! How did that happen? What are you up to now?

Currently you have (wait...I have to count) a LOT of teeth! We noticed your first molar has started to come in and actually, over the course of the last couple weeks, you've had 3 teeth that have popped through! You haven't given us an OUNCE of trouble with any of them! (For that I'm VERY thankful)

Last week you were one sick little boy. You were never officially diagnosed with the flu, but I'm convinced that is what you had. Sunday the 11th you started running a fever (around 101.6) so we took you to the clinic in Canyon. No flu according to the test so we treated you for a sinus infection. Then, Monday came around and you just weren't acting right so I took you to see Dr. Young. We were able to get you into a 6:30 cancellation which made us so happy because they made an appointment for you for 10:30 that night! (We're lucky to have Dr. Young!) They also tested you for flu but that one came back negative too. So, we kept you on Augmentin until Wednesday when they called and said there was NO bacteria present so that Augmentin wouldn't do any good! You stopped running fever Tuesday only to start up again on Wednesday afternoon. So, the whole week either me or daddy stayed home with you! And, honestly, it was a GREAT week. You never acted poorly, just tired. So, it was some GOOD cuddle time! (Which I'm VERY thankful for considering you're not really into being still at the moment!!)

You hadn't run fever since Wednesday so we took you to Canadian for the Fall Foliage Festival on Saturday the 17th. You were SO MUCH FUN and were in a great mood ALL DAY LONG!! Here's a few pictures of our trip!

Here's Me, You and Daddy waiting for Lunch!!

You and Aunt Donna! You sure are getting to love her and she SURE DOES love you!

And this is you and Leroy, your favorite Monkey! You were SO sleepy after lunch!

Here's Me and You at Lake Marvin waiting for...

THIS! Your FIRST carriage ride! You stood up the WHOLE TIME watching the horses and talking up a storm!

I think you KNOW who these two people are! They love you SO MUCH!

And finally, here's you and Pop! It sure was a beautiful day!

Monday started a whole new week, especially for you, big boy!! You are now, officially (drumroll please) a TODDLER!! You transitioned SO WELL over there that Lolli just went ahead and moved you over there permanently. You LOVE IT! Addys is one of your new friends and she LOVES to love on you! Meghan and Denise, your two new teachers think the world of you and you're getting spoiled SO MUCH! You are even EATING with the toddlers and you got caught stealing food off of Colin's plate on Tuesday so they had to give you seconds!! You've got SUCH a sweet little personality!

You LOVE LOVE LOVE ANY type of music and will dance anytime music plays! Sometimes it's clapping while rocking back and forth, sometimes it's bending up and down and up and down, sometimes it's marching in place! BUT, if there's music, you're dancing to it! You LOVE your little puppy that plays songs and talks to you and you LOVE one of your little books with lots of pictures of different animals in it! It's your baboo. Why do you call it that? Because there's a hippo on one page and you called it a baboo. So, it stuck! You love your monkey costume that has been hanging up on your closet door since last halloween and you give it a kiss EVERY MORNING before you eat!

Overall you're just an incredible son and daddy and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Thanks for being our little monkey and know that we will always be here for you!

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