Friday, September 25, 2009

I've lost it... creativity, that is. I have nothing creative to offer anymore. No fun words for my blog. It's almost like it has become a CHORE that I have to do. Does anyone else go through this? I miss the excitement and fun I used to have sculpting cute stories and mixing in fun pictures of my beautiful little boy! Oh well...I'm sure the fun part will come back. In the mean time, I do it because I want to chronicle these times for Malachi!! I love you sweet baby!
So, at 16 months (well I'm only 11 days late for that one) what is Malachi up to? A LOT! He's learning new words EVERY DAY! He has added Doggy, Quack Quack (we recently started taking him to feed the ducks), Juice, Cookie and Thank You. He had his first McDonald's hamburger on Thursday the 16th and LOVED.IT. He's running ALL OVER THE PLACE and plays peek-a-boo around ANY and EVERY corner he finds! The pacifier is now officially gone! (YEA and it wasn't even that hard! He lost it the night he got tubes put in and it remained lost until last Saturday when I opened up the top drawer to our desk and found it. But, according to him, it's lost forevermore!) He climbs up in his high chair when it's time to eat and says num-num! (Cutest thing EVER) He can now identify mommy, daddy, Uncle Logan, Lolli and Pops in any picture and point to them! He's been visiting the toddler's room at daycare more and more, and, even though it's not going too well due to the complete and total devotion he has to Traca, Delores and Brenda (his nursery teachers), he'll get there and learn to love Ms. Denise just as much! (On a side note, could I BE more thankful for the wonderful women that love my little boy like their own? God has truly blessed him!) He's sleeping on a cot at daycare for naptime and no longer takes morning naps, just afternoon naps. Bedtime is about 7:30 p.m. usually and he usually sleeps until about 6:45 or 7:00. However, if it's not closer to 6:45 when he wakes up, he doesn't get to finish breakfast! (He gets distracted WAY too easily and it takes him FOREVER to eat breakfast if the TV is on or anything else is around him to distract him!) On a side note, he's currently loving French Toast Sticks and Oranges/Peaches for breakfast! Yesterday, the little toot got his first office time-out when he wouldn't quit pulling hair. I don't think he knew that it was wrong, but, he's got to learn. (And, let's face it, it's Lolli's office, how bad could it really be? The worst is Lolli's disappointment! Hope it ALWAYS stays that way!) He's learned to sing E-I-E-I-O though most times it comes out YAYAYO. It's still SUPER DUPER CUTE!
A year ago I posted this post in which I talked about Malachi having Croup...YUCK. Little did I know what the next 2 months would hold after that post. UGH - I don't even want to think about how horrible last year was. How sick Malachi was. How helpless we, as his parents, felt. How much we coveted the prayers and encouragement of our families and friends. I could not be more thankful that he is SO MUCH BETTER OFF this year than he was last year. (Lord willing that will continue, of course!) He's currently on Poly-Vi-Sol for vitamin supplementation, Allegra and a nasal spray for allergies and Bio-Gaia Acidophilus for his tummy. We're hoping this will keep him healthier throughout this winter season. He did, actually, get Chicken Pox FROM the vaccine a couple weeks ago, but no fever, just a few spots, nothing major. Other than that, his tubes are doing their job and he's been relatively healthy for going on 4 or 5 weeks now. He got thrush from the two HUGE shots of Rocephin he got right before he got his tubes put in and we've been fighting that for about 6 weeks. Finally, I went and got some Gentian Violet, and, though it stains EVERYTHING it touches, including his mouth when he spits it out, his lips, his cheeks when the Q-Tip goes right up the side of his cheek while you've got the Q-Tip in his mouth and he decides he wants to sit down, his sheet from drooling at night and the one pair of pajamas we've been washing and letting him sleep in every night so it doesn't ruin EVERYTHING he has...But, it's finally gone for good now!
Finally, he went to Donut Stop about 6 weeks ago with Lolli and Pop (and me and daddy were there just for fun) for his first Cherry Donut! Pop said that they were gonna go for Cherry donuts as soon as he got old enough. So, I've been holding off on giving him donuts and chocolate milk until Pop could take him. And, it finally happened!

I'm telling you, right here and right now! Little boys don't get ANY MORE LOVED than this one! (And, on another side note...that shirt is already too small for him...YUCK - he's growing up TO FAST!)


Joyful_Momma said...

:) I don't think you've lost it at all. That was fun to read. :)

Kids do grow up way too fast, enjoy every moment!

M&E Klein said...

LOVE the donut pics!!! Mali is growing up so fast!

Mommy Magee said...

I don't think you've lost any creativity either! I enjoy reading your posts and am so happy he is doing so much better! :) And loved the pics from eating donuts. FUN!

Anonymous said...

yes, i ran out before.
either the creativity or the writer's block is a phase. i'm not sure which.