Thursday, July 9, 2009

LONG LONG overdue Father's Day Post!

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted...things have just been SO busy - as you will soon see!!

Father's Day was Sunday, June 21st and we had a wonderful day. Especially since it was a year, exactly, to the day since we first introduced Malachi to our extended family at Arden Road Baptist Church and had our wonderful, incredible Pastor pray asking for God's grace in our sweet baby's life!

Our Father's Day began rather quietly! Me and Daddy woke up a little early and spent some time reflecting on his first full year of being a father. What a journey we have taken together in this past year and what an incredible Dad he has been the entire time! However, our walk down memory lane didn't last too long before Malachi decided he wanted to join in the fun! So, I went to get him and daddy's cards and daddy got to open his cards while Malachi climbed all over him, banging on his belly and giving him lots of good kisses!!

After getting a little snuggle time in between the 3 of us, it was time to get ready for church and we were off! However, after church is when things got really fun! First, we headed for Medi-Park in Amarillo to feed the ducks (and Malachi...haha) Cheetos! This is a tradition that began with my grandmother and I and it appears as though the ducks don't like Cheetos as much as they used to...DARN. BUT - Malachi did, so all was well! We hung out for about 30 minutes before we headed off to lunch with our extended family! is at this point that I must apologize for the TERRIBLE quality of the following pictures. As stated previously, my beloved camera that I always carry with me has, well, left the building...Last time I saw it was when I left one afternoon and it was on my desk at work.'s gone and I have no idea where it went or who I mean, HOW it got there...So, the following pictures were taken with a crappy, cheap disposable camera we got from Toot 'N Totum before we headed to the park. And then...I had to scan them in! Man...what did we do before digital pictures???

Here's Daddy and Mali by a beautiful tree!!

Feeding daddy Cheetos!

A Daddy and His Boy!

My Family - Such a Blessing!

After the park we headed over to the Country Barn for a buffet lunch with our extended family and had a GREAT time! Happy Father's Day to my daddy too! I didn't get a picture of the two of us, but please know that I love you so much and I am so thankful that my son has such a Godly, caring, wonderful Pops to look up to that loves him so much!!!

To the father of the most beautiful little boy in the world and husband to the most blessed wife,

A thank you doesn't seem to be enough to tell you how I truly feel. Throughout almost 11 years of love, I can't think of time I have been more in love with you than I am at this very moment. I see so much of you in our little boy and the similarities seem to mount exponentially every single day! Everytime our precious Malachi smiles, I see the light in his eyes...that same light that drew me to you. In you I see a love for a son the likes of which the world doesn't see too terribly often! I see a man who has learned what it means to be the head of a family and who loves his family above all else! I see a man who loves me, with all my flaws and a man with whom I hope I have another 50+ years to spend on this Earth. I see a man who comforts me when I need it, who builds me up when I need it and who holds the world when he holds his baby boy. In you I see the man I have and will always love with all of my heart!

Though this post is late, and though I know Malachi can't quite put into words how he feels about you, know that we both love you more than words could possibly express and are so thankful to God above for giving you to us!

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