Friday, May 29, 2009

Where have I been???

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I last posted on here...I feel terrible! We've had some HUGE milestones over the last couple of weeks and I have YET to post anything about them! What are those milestones, you ask? Well, Daddy turned the big 2-7 on May 14th! Happy birthday honey/daddy! We love you VERY VERY MUCH and are SO thankful that you're in our life! The big day was pretty low-key - we went to work, then came home and went out to eat at Feldman's for dinner! Nothing major...we've both learned b-days are now a priority for the little man in our life!

Speaking of...the next big milestone was, Mali's 1st B-DAY!!! And it went smashingly! First, let me give a shout-out to my cousin, Angela over at for the absolutely adorable t-shirt she made for the occassion! I sent her a picture of the invitations for Mali's b-day and here's what she came up with - ALL ON HER OWN!

Okay - I know this isn't a very good picture, I'm still busy compiling all of them! BUT, she hand-sewed this design after only looking at a picture online! CHECK HER TALENT OUT FOR ONE OF A KIND PIECES!!!
Thanks to Angela for the adorable shirt - it was perfect! I absolutely fell in love with this design for his b-day and thankfully I was able to coordinate everything the way I wanted to!

Here's the cake/cookie table! You can see his "smash cake" there in the center, the traditional cookie cake off to the left and little "1" and "M" coordinating cookies spreading the gap! The bakery we used was AWESOME, and, AGAIN, from a plate I took them, made the cake and matched the colors for the cookies perfectly!!

A Close-Up of his "smash cake!" Isn't it a dead on match for his decorations???

Every year at my b-day growing up, I would get a cookie cake and now the tradition continues!
The "Accessories" Table - haha
I'm 1!!!!I ordered this plate online and the tradition began for him to eat his b-day cake on it EVERY YEAR!! Isn't that fun?

Digging in - HINT: Blue Icing = Green poop - haha!

MMM...Tastes good, but I do NOT like having my hands dirty!

Here Mom - you can have some!
Malachi - Why are your boogers blue?
Laughing at Cousin Karter!

Pre-Blue Icing Takeover - we opened presents! (Okay, Mommy opened presents while Mali crawled around, played with his old toys and Cousin Karter chomped at the bit to help!!)

The Three Amigos - L to R

Malachi, Connor and Grayson - all born within 6 weeks of one another and destined to be Best Buddies!
Watching Mom open presents while I chew on my rings!
Hello? (Newest trick! Everything's a telephone!!)
Can I PLEASE just go play?

Okay Karter - help him out!

My dear sweet baby boy -

Mommy cannot believe you are already a year old. It seems like just yesterday you were only a dream of what we hoped would one day be a reality. Then, life changed. That first positive test showing us that you were on your way, the first sonogram seeing your little heartbeat, watching your toes curl on a tiny screen, watching you kick, while I felt all seems like yesterday. Then, going to the Dr. begging him to just let me meet you already...then crying because he said yes!! Waiting anxiously to see if you would have hair, and who you would look like (even though we knew you were a daddy's boy) and finally holding you for that first glorious time. Having your daddy hand you to me and burying my face into your chest crying and thanking the good Lord for his miracle. Thanking Him for letting me keep you for a little while and begging Him to make me a good mom. Malachi, you are incredible. This last year, as quickly as it has flown by, has been more fun than I ever could have imagined. Your daddy is so good with you and has ALWAYS been, even since the day we brought you home. Yes, I've been anal at times, but I'm your mommy and I won't apologize for it! And now, when most are bragging that their children are sleeping through the night, and I come to work very tired sometimes, I cherish each moment I have alone with you! Just last night you woke up around 1:45 and wouldn't go back to sleep without your bottle...and while I was sleepy, I sat in the rocking chair holding you, watching you drink, watching your eyes as you fought SO hard to stay awake and held your sweet little hand so THANKFUL for the opportunity I have to hold you like this. It won't be long before these late nights are distant memories and I will miss rocking you. I already miss so many things about you as a baby, but your laugh and smile and new tricks replace that feeling of missing you with an anticipation I've never felt before. The anticipation that I get to see the new things you're doing every day. The anticipation of watching you figure out how to crawl just right to get to your favorite toy (daddy's yellow golf ball) after it's rolled under something. The anticipation of watching you learn to stand on your own...soon you'll be walking and crawling will be one more distant memory. So for now, I cherish the moments when you pick up the TV control and say "hello" waiting to hear a voice on the other end, and the moments when you still need mommy to move the laundry divider to get your ball and the moments when you cry for mommy and all you need is to lay down with me and everything is right with the world. I cherish the times when you cling tightly to me SO not wanting to go to the nursery at church, and the times when I leave you at daycare in the morning with a "bye-bye" and a smile as you pull up to the toybox or crawl to the big blue bouncy ball! These are memories I want to always remember, but moments I want to enjoy as I live them with you! You are a treasure, my son and God will use you for mighty things! Please know that my life is nothing without you in it and daddy and I cherish, love and adore you!! Thank you God for giving me this little miracle to protect and love for as long as you choose - I am so unworthy of being this little Monkey's mommy, but so thankful that I am!



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Mommy Magee said...

Oh, this is so sweet. I couldn't read the whole letter to Malachi b/c I was starting to tear up and know I would be bawling my eyes out!

Such a sweet post and loved the pics! Happy birthday to Malachi!