Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a great 1st Mother's Day!

My 1st Mother's Day was absolutely nothing short of wonderful and memorable! As you know, my mom, Lynn Brown, won in the News Channel 7 "My Perfect Mother" contest and Sunday she was treated to brunch at the Big know the one...home of the free 72 oz steak dinner if you can eat it in an hour! So, Sunday morning, I awoke to two beautiful cards, one from my handsome son and one from my wonderful husband thanking me for being such a good mom and other sweet words! I also got a new cook book from Taste of Home Magazine and a wonderful spice rack with 20 spices on it!

The cookbook has recipes for ALL SORTS of foods, but the best part is, it teaches you to cook each recipe (for main courses, anyway) 4 different ways! You can cook it the traditional way for a large family meal, the 30 minute version, the 2 person version and the lighter side version! Although a cookbook wasn't what I was expecting, it was a nice surprise since, most of you know, I don't cook. But, I'm trying to change that and my sweet husband put a LOT of thought and effort into his decision! I've been trying some new recipes out over the last 2 weeks in an effort to save some SERIOUS money on eating out since that's our BIGGEST snafu every month! I even used one of my spices last night when I made a new recipe. Pizza dip with cream cheese! YUMMY! (Okay, Thomas thought it was yummy, I thought it was just okay!)

Then, after getting ready for church and attending Sunday School, it was a mad dash to get back home to await our limo ride to the restaurant! I was a little bummed that I couldn't attend church on MY first Mother's Day and finally get to stand up during the special prayer for Moms, something I've waited a LONG time to do, but it was worth it to honor the woman who raised me!! Malachi LOVED the limo ride, and had a BLAST looking out at everything! (And yes, it was the limo with the longhorns, for all of you locals!) We then got to the restaurant and that's when the CRAZINESS - CHAOS - ANY OTHER WORDS I CAN USE TO DESCRIBE THIS memories were made! We took shots at the shooting range waiting for our table (we had reservations, but still had a 20 minutes wait) and then took lots of pictures. (none of which I have, but as soon as I get them from my mom, I'll upload them!) We sat down, at separate tables (yeah, 'cause we weren't celebrating or anything) and were handed our meal tickets. Let me just tell you, thinking that an approximately 8 or 9 year old boy can handle taking tickets from multiple adults, and hand them plates on MOTHER'S STUPID. Okay, I don't like that word, but it was ridiculous. This poor little boy had 20 HUNGRY people standing around him waiting like wolves to get their plates (1/2 of which were dirty) before they could get to the buffet line! It was CRAZY! But, the food was good and it was an experience! Word of caution, though, I wouldn't suggest trying to go to the Big Texan on Mother's Day...or any other holiday for that matter!

Once we got home, Malachi, of course, had taken his nap in the car and was up and attem! So, I stayed up for the first 2 hours of the afternoon while Thomas laid down and then Thomas got up so I could lay down. Of course, Malachi fell asleep 10 minutes after I went to sleep, but that's alright! Daddy pulled some weeds, we ate a little more dinner at Lolli and Pops' house and then called it an early evening!

So, all in all, my first Mother's Day was a success! Tomorrow is Thomas' birthday (the big 2-7!) and then Saturday is Malachi's 1st B-day!!!! I can't believe it! We've got everything planned and ready to go! Friday night, I think Daddy and I will go out for a romantic date and spend some time just the two of us (something we haven't done since the Nutcracker with Aunt Bubzees and Uncle Dub right before Christmas) for Daddy's birthday! Then, Saturday will be busy! Setting up for the party, gathering all the goodies, airing up the balloons...WHEW, I'm tired just THINKING about it! But, I'm super duper Sad/in disbelief excited that my little boy is turning a year old! More to come after our busy weekend! Wish us luck!


T Sharee said...

Love your blog!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Yea!! So Good to hear you had a good first Mother's day! Your post made me laugh. Malachi's present is going in the mail today! - I'm embarrased how long it has taken me!!! Hope you had a great weekend and look forward to seeing pics of the celebration!!

Miss you!!