Monday, March 16, 2009

A family party, breakfast, a nappy nappy...

Friday through Sunday was PACKED with lots of fun activities for the Allen family.

But, before I go into anything else, I want to congratulate my husband on making the most important decision of his life. Yesterday morning, Thomas stood before the congregation at our church, made a public profession of his faith and presented himself for scriptural baptism. He now has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and I couldn't be more proud! I love you honey! (I'll be sure and post once he gets baptized!!)

Friday night, my Aunt Vi came into town and we went to Grandmommy and Papa Ken's house for dinner. It was snowing Friday afternoon, so we were a little worried about the roads, but everything turned out just fine!

Mommy and Mali in the Snow!

Hanging Out at Grandmommy and Papa Ken's House!

Mali and Aunt Dena

Mali and Aunt Vi

A Very Sleepy Buttons and Grandmommy
Look at ALL the snow - It was like this for 1/2 mile South and then it Stopped!

Then, Saturday morning, we all got up and went to Aunt Dena and Uncle Jim's house for breakfast! It was a SPREAD AND A HALF and we ate ourselves silly!! Before we got there, daddy had to jump out to help push a man's car who had run out of gas - he was TIRED after that! haha (In his defense, they pushed it almost 2 full blocks!)

Then, we got to Aunt Dena's house where we ate, and ate and ate and played with Mali...

Here is his first bite of Kiwi ever - he's not too sure about it!

Mali and his favorite Papa Ken!

After we ate ourselves sick, Mommy, Lolli, Aunt Kelly, Aunt Dena, Aunt Vi, Cousin Hannah and Grandmommy all went shopping all day. Daddy went home with Mali and took a nap.

This is his favorite sleeping position lately. He'll play until he's tired, then he'll just lean over and fall asleep - it's the cutest thing!

After a full day of shopping, Lolli paid for a hotel room at the Ambassador and all the girlies (minus Hannah and Morgan) hung out. We went to Leal's for dinner, played cards in the lobby, sat in the hot tub (and scared some kids, might I add...haha), played more cards (way to go Aunt did GREAT) and then TRIED to sleep...I won't go into the dirty details of that night, suffice it to say, we had a GREAT time!!! I am so blessed to have such great women in my life!

Back row: Aunt Kelly, Aunt Vi - Front Row: Aunt Dena and Lolli

The Three Sisters - Not sure which one is the OTHER sister...haha

Aunt Kelly, Lolli and Grandmommy at Leal's

Aunt Gradena, Me and Aunt Vi at Leal's

Sunday was an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL day! After our VERY exciting morning at church, we came home and took a 2 hour nap - Then, Lolli called and said the weather was gorgeous. So, we decided to take Mali for a walk.

It was just a little windy so we wanted to cover his legs up!

He's gotten into this new habit of feeling his teeth with his tongue. It's hilarious...Sometimes he looks like he's got a dip in his mouth (that's not the hilarious part) and sometimes he looks like an old man...

Mommy and Mali on our walk!

Hanging out in Lolli's Back Yard!

Overall - even though it was a jam-packed weekend, we had a WONDERFUL time visiting with all of our family! We miss you Aunt Vi and can't wait to see you again - maybe we can head your way sometime soon to visit everyone there!!!

And, one more time, congratulations to Thomas. I feel so privileged to be your wife and I can't wait to see what paths God chooses to lead us down together! I will ALWAYS be here for you. ALWAYS!



Nicole said...

Your little one is just so sweet! I love his sweet little cheeks and he seems to have a sweet disposition :) I don't say that to many people - I really do think he is soo cute!:) Hope you are doin well!!:)

Mommy Magee said...

I'm SO excited for you and your husband that he has made the decision to follow Christ! I will be praying for him and your family as I'm sure the enemy is probably pretty mad about losing some one to God's team. :)

Praise God!!!!!!!!