Thursday, February 12, 2009

If you're luckier MORE BLESSED than me...Prove it!

Look at what I got an entire day early from my husband!!
All girls (or most girls I know) LOVE IT when they get flowers at work. I love it because it shows other people how lucky I am to be married to such a great guy!! My great guy told me that he wanted to send my flowers early because everyone else would get theirs tomorrow and he wanted me to be EXTRA SPECIAL!

"To My Valentine...Precious, I want you to have these flowers a day early to enjoy them all day tomorrow. I love you! Happy Valentine's Day. Me"


Some would say that Valentine's Day is just a made up holiday so card companies and flower shops can make more money. I tend not to agree. I think it's an important day to REALLY FOCUS on keeping the love between you and your spouse alive and kickin'! Yes, it's ALWAYS important and yes, I'm working on showing that love more throughout the year. But, there's nothing wrong with remembering ONE DAY out of the year to especially show your love in a special way!!! (We do it with Christmas and Birthdays and Anniversaries right?) What's wrong with a special day just to celebrate, 1 4 3!!!

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