Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun Pictures and Videos

Here's Mommy and Daddy's Handsome Little Monkey!! (Note to Aunt Bubzees - we LOVE these PJs)

I'm SO Happy!

My First Mohawk - And it will probably be one of his last!!

This is a video after a bath last night! He was talking and waving up a storm!!

**Note** This post was originally put together on Friday, but our computers went down at work and I couldn't publish it. Then, the weekend came and we just didn't have a chance to get around to the computer!! Hope you all enjoy and I'll get a weekend update soon!


Wesley and Elizabeth said...

Glad the pj's fit! He looks so sweet!

Wesley and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Wesley's BDay was Feb.5th. We miss you guys. Give the little waving/talking machine a kiss for us!