Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bye Bye Blues

It has officially started. Our little boy has learned to associate "bye-bye" with Mommy and Daddy actually going "bye-bye"! It's SO SAD!! This morning we walked in with his very first Valentines to hand out to his class (like the babies realize it...haha) and we put him in his favorite bouncer like we always do. He was jumping up and down like there was no tomorrow until IT happened...

We both gave him a kiss and told him bye-bye. He immediately put out his bottom lip, laid his head down on his hands (all while jumping still) and let out his most pathetic sob I've EVER heard. (Keep in mind, he was still jumping) It was hilarious...and sad...all at the same time! We waved bye-bye and took that first (of many) walk of shame listening to our son cry for us!

Actually, he did the same thing in Sunday School last week, but apparently didn't start crying until we were gone. I guess he's got to learn sometime, but it still stinks!

On another note, can I just mention one more time how much I can't believe how quickly things are moving??? I know that we will wake up one day and realize that 20 years have gone by and that our baby is all grown up, but dang, does it HAVE to happen this fast? I want him to grow up to be a strong, outspoken, God-fearing, leader one day. I want him to get his independence. I want him to marry a Godly wife and leave me and his daddy and cleave ONLY unto his wife and raise beautiful children together. I want him to be happy. But just, for this little while, I am going to savor EVERY SINGLE MOMENT that he is all mine! I'm so happy to have 2 Valentines this year!!!

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