Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This update is dedicated to Cousin Angela and Aunt Kelly!!

Christmas 2008 in Pictures (OKAY - just a FEW of the 100s we took)

Kadi, Karter, Malachi and I started a new tradition - Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Okay - Our cake wasn't that pretty in the end, but it sure was FUN and it sure was good!! This will be a tradition every year from now on - Hopefully it will help the kids to remember what Christmas REALLY is all about! Thank you God for sending your son. (If you look closely, you probably noticed that the 1st "s" in Je"s"us is an upside down 5. Note to self - make sure you get TWO packages just so you can be sure to have TWO "S"s for Jesus!!)

Daddy and I have also decided that Malachi isn't going to leave cookies for Santa - he'll just leave Santa a piece of Jesus' cake so he'll remember the reason for Christmas too!!

What do all 3 of these next pictures have in common??? (Besides the cutest little boy in the world being the star - DUH)

Did you get it? HaHa - I think we're teething!!

Malachi LOVED the paper this year - but that's about ALL he cared about!!

Here he is opening his first Christmas present EVER! (PJs from Lolli - a new tradition since we'll spend the night with her on Christmas Eve from now on - or for a while at least!!)
Here's Aunt Kelly opening her favorite present from this year!! We love you Aunt Kelly!!
Mali and an outfit with a...MONKEY...on it - Imagine!!

Here's Malachi enjoying a HUGE peppermint stick - He loved it and didn't even sneeze like Daddy always does!!

I have LOTS more pictures of Christmas day - but they're on Lolli's camera and I haven't uploaded them onto my computer yet. Overall it was a WONDERFUL holiday. Malachi was happy, healthy and we had a GREAT GREAT time! Thank you God for blessing us so much!!
On the health front - He's doing SO much better. We go back to the specialist in Lubbock tomorrow for what I think will be our last visit there. Malachi is doing so great. He's eating anything and everything (okay, almost everything...he's learning that he doesn't like peas and carrots...hmmm, wonder where he gets that??) and keeping everything down!! We're so happy and it's SO great to have our little boy back.

Once I have a little more time I'll update with a few more Christmas pictures and new videos of him talking to us!!


M&E Klein said...

Awww!!! So many cute pictures of Malachi :) He looks like he's really liking that candy cane stick. Haha! You all look very happy and great! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas.

I am blessed! said...

I love the birthday cake! Thanks for sharing about your tradition on blog frog!