Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Life as we NOW know it

A year ago we were concerned about Malachi not being able to hold anything down wondering if he was going to have to have stomach surgery. Pleading with doctors to listen to us that something was wrong with our baby and driving back and forth to multiple doctors' appointments every week. Now, he's perfectly healthy and is the absolute LIGHT of our lives.

This year, it's a new challenge. Last Thursday I had a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) - Otherwise known as...a mini-stroke. Yes, you read that right. I am a 27 year old female who woke up last Thursday morning and had a stroke. Obviously I'm okay now, but it was, by far, the 2nd scariest thing I've experienced in my life. (The first was waking up when I was pregnant with Malachi bleeding and thinking I was miscarrying him like I did his twin.)

I woke up Thursday morning to the immediate thought of "Okay self, let's get busy, we've got 4 meetings today and it's going to be a crazy day!" After my shower I got a little dizzy so I sat down then I started to feel a headache coming on so I popped 4 Ibuprofen. Obviously with 4 meetings, it was NOT the day to have a headache. Then, I walked into the living room to tell Malachi to take another bite of breakfast (like I often have to know, Curious George is pretty intriguing) and, when I spoke to him, all that came out was a bunch of gibberish. I'm sure it sounded something like "Id po fe mey alaighe aeoifjqpdj" - or at least that's what Malachi's blank stare told me. I immediately went back into the bathroom to see if my face was drooping or anything like that. It wasn't, thank goodness. And, it lasted about 3 minutes or so until Thomas got out of the shower. As soon as he did I tried to talk to him and about every 3rd word just wouldn't come out. It was SPOOKY. But, after that, it was over other than being tired and having a headache. Thankfully my mom HAPPENED (I don't really think it was coincidence, I think it was God's directing) to come over to show me her new haircut and she noticed immediately that I didn't look good. She and Thomas convinced me to go to the Dr. and, as it turns out, it was a good thing I did.

After TONS of bloodwork, an EKG and a CT scan, it turns out that my Thyroid level is high. Not ridiculously high, but high enough to warrant a Thyroid Scan and ultrasound which has been scheduled for the 29th. I'm also taking 2 baby aspirin every day and have been taken off all of my birth control just in case. (That's a whole NUTHER story. No, we're not ready to have #2 quite yet, so we're going to pray that the Lord will allow us 6 or so more months before anything happens in that department)

So, last year it was Malachi and this year it's me. I will tell you, it has completely taken me aback and given me more perspective. It's SO cliche to say that, but, it's true. Lots of things don't really matter like I used to think they did. And, lots of things really DO matter that I used to take for granted.

I covet your prayers at this time while my doctors try to figure out if my Thyroid is what caused this and throughout the next few weeks when, apparently, my risk of having a major stroke is quite a bit elevated! I'll close with this verse that I read Thursday night (actually Friday morning around 1:30) while I couldn't sleep for fear that something might happen and I wouldn't be there to take care of my husband and son. No, it doesn't COMPLETELY apply to this situation, but, it spoke to me. And, for anyone that reads their Bible, you know that the Lord can speak to you and apply ANY verse he chooses in ANY situation.

It's from my favorite book of the Bible...any guesses? Well, I don't know if it's my favorite book, but it is definitely my favorite name from the Bible...

"Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it."

How awesome that our Lord promises us these blessings and CHALLENGES us to prove Him!

And, by the's MALACHI 3:10

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot... CHRISTMAS!!! Wow! How true this statement is! In the last week we've had snow, cold weather, met Santa (well, kinda) and gotten our tree put up, decorated, presents bought and even presents wrapped and put under the tree already!!

Christmas 2009 is in full swing at the Allen household right now and if you can't tell and mommy couldn't be more happy about it! I know I've said it before, but this year is SO SPECIAL because we have a BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY little boy who is going to be SO.MUCH.FUN this year! The weekend before Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree and decorated it. We thought about trying to include Malachi, but he was sleepy and we figured it would be easier to do it with him taking a nap, so, while he slept we decorated! (And it was fun to just spend time with the two of us decorating!! It reminded us of our first Christmas together and how special that time was in our lives!)

Here are a couple pictures of the finished product!! We did our tree in red/white/lime green and silver and could not be happier! It's amazing what some cheap ornaments and ribbon from Wal-Mart can do to a Christmas tree!
All Lit UP!

The Whole Tree!

I LOVE the top of our tree this year!

Last night we took Malachi to meet Santa Claus for the first time and, well, it wasn't COMPLETELY horrible. Of course, we didn't make him sit in Santa's lap since he had a DEATH GRIP on dad the whole time.

Who are you?

Of course, as soon as we put him down, he started backing away and shaking his head, so we left Santa alone and let Malachi warm up a little bit.

He got a cookie and all was good...

Until we tried to take a picture next to the blow up penguins!

So, Thomas' boss was nice enough to take our family picture so we could at least prove we were there!!

Then, mommy got a cute picture...

...and Daddy got too close to the penguin again!

After all the excitement, we went to see Lolli with her new puppy named ______. We don't have a name yet for him. His name right now is Chance, but we don't really think it fits. Do you all have any ideas for a cute name for this little guy??

Finally - Malachi got some good quality time with Pops!

Monday, November 30, 2009


We have SO VERY MUCH to be thankful for this year! Last year we were in the midst of a valley begging God to heal our little boy and make him healthy again. This year, we are on the mountaintop praising that same God for a beautiful home, a wonderful family AND a healthy little boy!!

Thanksgiving actually started a little early for us since LAST Sunday was our Thanksgiving dinner at church. NO LIE, there were 9 - 8' tables completely FULL of desserts that all the wonderful Baptist women cooked for the event. It took 10 women an hour to cut into all of the cakes and pumpking pies and pecan pies and organize the cookies and brownies. It was HEAVEN! (And Malachi enjoyed it too!!)

Here's Daddy and Mommy and Messy Mali!
When I say he was "stuffing" his face, I MEAN it! His FAVORITE Uncle Daniel (and, doesn't Kadi Jo look cute too??)
Whip Cream Face!
In preparation for Thanksgiving, I had been looking for some cute Thanksgiving desserts to make and found these at! So, I decided to try them, only as cheesecake balls instead of cake balls. Cousin Morgan and I worked at Aunt Dena's house for about 3 hours on them! We had so much fun and even though they don't COMPLETELY look like Bakerella's (a professional baker, might I add) I was pretty happy with them! Too bad they were so rich that you could only eat like 1/2 of one!!
What do you think?
Otherwise, Thanksgiving went SMASHINGLY!!! Thomas and I were in charge of the ham for the first.time.ever. But, I think it turned out pretty well! We cooked it in 3 cups of Apple Juice, 1 cup of orange juice and then 30 minutes before it was done, we smothered on a brown sugar/honey glaze!

Here's my handsome hubby carving the ham and my daddy carving the turkey! YUMMO!
We took lots of pictures...

Our family
Me and Cousin Mo-Mo
Malachi and Grandmommy
Malachi and Kadi yelling at Gracie - the Chihuahua who ran away with the hambone
Hannah, Kelly, Aunt Dena, Grandmommy, Lolli, Cousin MoMo and Me
...ate lots of yummy food, including the turkey balls...
Kadi and Karter ...and made it home to Lolli and Pops' house just in time to nap, watch the Cowboys play and admire Lolli's tree...
...from underneath... ...while it spun around! (Yes, their tree rotates...does it GET any cooler than that?)

And, finally, I leave you with a couple of pictures and a video of Malachi helping Lolli peel potatoes for her famous mashed potatoes!! (Hint - if you're reading this on facebook, please had over to to see this video! It's TOO TOO CUTE!)

Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm a little bit late on posting this. I could go on and on about how busy I've been. I could tell you about my weekends and how crazy life has been. But, I won't. I'll just start from where I left off!!
Halloween this year was a BLAST! Malachi was sick for a few days before with Strep and the Flu, but, we got past it for Saturday's festivities and I'm SO glad that we did! We all decided to get together this year and take our kids trick-or-treating since they're all old enough (almost all of them, anyway) to have a good time!
So, we ALL met at Lolli's house before we commenced Trick-Or-Treating!! All the mommies were thinking that we needed to take pictures BEFORE we started just in case the babies gave up before the night was over!!
This is the best we could get (at least on my camera) - sorry Amanda, Austin wasn't having it! From L to R, (front) Malachi, Connor Cockrell, Austin Schoenenberger (back) Kadi Jo, Karter Lane, Carson Cockrell and Tyler Schoenenberger! And, yes, my son's diaper is showing, those buttons were stubborn!

Special thanks goes to Aunt Kelly for allowing Malachi to use Karter's 1st Halloween costume! He was a HIT! I'm telling you, they just don't come ANY cuter do they? (It's okay if you think the same about your kiddos...I won't mind!) Malachi and Connor - A BOOGER to get them to BOTH look at the camera...AT THE SAME TIME!!! Yes, his face is a little shiny. It was DRY and I lathered him up and APPARENTLY didn't get it all rubbed in. Ask anyone, we're pretty good about gettin' him all greasy!! (It's our secret to his pretty complexion!) A Boy of MANY Expressions!!

Me and My Baby Boy - the only person who knows what my heart feels like from the inside!!

So, who is we ALL, you ask? I've shown you the kids, now here's behind all those little monsters and superheroes! Pops, Kurt Cockrell, Daniel, Thomas, Carl Schoenenberger, Kelly, Tyler Schoenenberger, Carson Cockrell, Keela and Deann, Kadi Jo, Karter Lane, Lolli, Malachi, Amanda Schoenenberger, Austin, Melissa Cockrell and Me (behind the camera!)

We all piled in Pops' truck and headed over a few streets to where we KNEW the trick-or-treating would be at its best! But, first, we had to stop and see Donna at Ninny's house! (We miss you Ninny and we wish you were HERE!)

Connor and Malachi Trick-or-Treating at their VERY FIRST HOUSE EVER!

Emmalie, Aunt Donna and, Malachi! We're so glad, Aunt Donna, that you got to be part of his first Trick-Or-Treating experience! We love you!

He caught on pretty fast!

Lolli and her little monsters!

This Frankenstein danced and sang Michael Jackson songs! Malachi danced and danced!

I just thought this was a cute angle!

Our protectors! I told them they looked like bouncers! (Or a parade float!)

And, finally, here's a couple pictures of Lolli all tricked out as Witchiepoo (Malachi was napping) and visiting Pops with Kadi and Karter (Post-Nap!)