Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Fun Preparing for Malachi!!

Malachi's Doing Great!

We got back from San Antonio and it was fabulous!! The weather was beautiful, the zoo was gorgeous, and, we got upgraded to a King Suite FOR FREE!!! So, for 4 days we got to stay in a beautiful hotel, in a beautiful city and really have a good vacation just the 2 of us! But, we were very ready to get home because we knew that we had a Dr.'s Appointment today and we were SUPER excited to see Malachi and how well he's developing!

It turns out that he is doing perfectly!! They took measurements, like they do everytime and everything is RIGHT on track where it should be. His little heart was just beating a steady 146 beats per minute. Unfortunately, it appears as though his favorite position to sleep is on his tummy, facing the BACK of my uterus, so we couldn't really see much of his face! We got a couple of cute little shots of his face in 4D, but not as many as we would've liked. He slept, well, like a baby, through the whole thing. We even tried using a noise maker that the nurse had to wake him up, as well as pushing, and poking my tummy, but all to no avail. He yawned and turned completely facing my back and was having nothing of what we were giving him! Now, however, is a different story. He's awake and I think he's boxing with my organs!

We also found out that we do NOT have placenta previa (the condition we were concerned about) - The placenta is lying a little bit low, but the doctor does NOT think it will prevent a vaginal birth. Notice I said Vaginal, not Natural...I want all the drugs they can give me! haha
But we are relieved that everything looks good there, and Thomas is thrilled that he may actually get to be with me when we have the baby. If we have a C-Section, he's already decided he doesn't think he wants to, or can handle, what he might see/hear/smell. So, HOPEFULLY, we'll be able to proceed with a regular delivery and we'll get to have the fun of going to the hospital together at an UNDETERMINED time and not knowing Malachi's birthday until it actually happens! We just can't wait to hold him in our arms and we feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity!!

We love everyone and will update you when we have any new news!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Malachi's First Flight!

Malachi got back from his first business trip last night! Mom had to go to Austin for a 2 day conference this week and Malachi seemed to have enjoyed himself. Mom's doctor told us that after we get into our 3rd trimester, we didn't need to be traveling anymore so Mom's boss made 2 quick trips for her this month. The first was to Austin Monday-Wednesday to learn about the "Next Generation" of 9-1-1 and what it's going to mean for anyone who calls 9-1-1. We're considering getting the recordings of the conference so that when Malachi gets here it can lull him to sleep just like it did for him and mom when they were there! (haha) The next trip, Dad will be going too!! We're very excited to get to spend some time together in a nice hotel, all paid for by Mom's job!!! We're leaving Saturday morning around 7:30 and flying to San Antonio! Since this is where we spent our honeymoon, we're calling this our "babymoon!" It'll probably be the last trip before the baby's born and, truthfully, the last trip for a while, even after Malachi gets here! So, we're excited! Flying didn't seem to bother Malachi. He squirmed quite a bit during take-off and landing, but nothing seemed to distress him! Then, this morning, after a GREAT night's sleep, he didn't feel like waking up (and neither did mom!!) But, it seems as though he's woken up now!!

We go back to the doctor next Thursday, February 28th, and can't wait to see how big he's gotten! We have to do a small test to see if his placenta has moved at all because last time the doctor thought it might be covering mom's cervix which would probably lead to a C-Section sometime around the beginning of May, instead of waiting until June. So, if his placenta has moved, that's great news and we'll be able to proceed as normal for delivery. If not, it won't cause any problems for mom or Malachi, but it will lead to a scheduled C-Section about a month early if his lungs are ready! So, just keep us in your prayers that God will continue to take care of us!

We'll try to post some more sono pictures as soon as we get them next week!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well, we are finally settling into our new home! It has turned out so well and has done a complete 180 since we moved in a little over 2 weeks ago. This is all in large part to Jamie's parents who have worked their butts off with us since the first of the year! I can't wait for everyone to see how well our first home has turned out! We are very proud of it!

Little Malachi is doing very well! It seems like everyday his kicks get a little harder and he gets a little more active. He seems to wake up when mom does and dad can even feel his little kicks against his back when we're laying down! Mom has also learned to love taking baths as this seems to stimulate Malachi and he moves ALL over the place! It's really fun to watch (and feel!) He also gets really active around 8:00pm and goes crazy for a couple of hours before settling back down! We're hoping he maintains this schedule! That would be great!

We better wrap it up for now. We love everyone and hope that you enjoy our blog!!

P.S. To leave a message for us, you might have to register with google, but it's pretty easy and we sure would love to hear from everyone!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our New Home!!

We're So Blessed!!!

Wow...We're glad that we were able to steal the blogging idea from our wonderful sister and brother (in-law)! All credit for this blog can first be given to Jennie and Jordan Jackson for turning us onto this idea! Like them, we also HATE myspace, but because we don't really get on the computer much outside of work, we didn't know what other options we had! So...we're thrilled that they started their blog and gave us the idea to start our own!

As many of you know, we are also pregnant, 22 weeks to be exact, and are doing fabulous!! We found out two days after Christmas that not only are we having a HEALTHY baby, but that we are having a beautiful little boy. His name is either Thomas Malachi or Charles Malachi. Daddy gets to make that decision! He is definitely a little boy as he is already twisting and turning and kicking and punching mommy all the time! Daddy calls him his little quarterback! (But Daddy was a tight end so we'll just have to see about that!!) We both feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity by God and we appreciate so much all the thoughts and prayers that have already been prayed for us!

We have also just bought our first home and little Malachi's room was the first to be put together. Lolli and Pop (Jamie's parents) bought the crib and the bedding and we couldn't wait to get it all washed and put together! So, last night while Daddy was working on getting the cable hooked up, Mommy put together all the bedding and now, minus hanging pictures, we're ready for little Malachi! We've even got 3 cases of diapers bought and put away already! (Can you tell we've been waiting for this for a LONG time?) Well, we'll blog more when we get more news! Enjoy our blog and pictures and we'll do our best to keep things up to date!!