Friday, December 5, 2008

Day one of Goat's Milk

Okay - so it's more like day 1 1/2

Malachi had his first goat's milk bottle yesterday at 2:45 - No spit up, but it was only about 1/2 strength to let his body get used to the change, so we didn't get too excited.

2nd bottle - 5:45 - No spit up, this was about 3/4 strength - okay, cautious optimism

3rd bottle - 10:30 last night - No burps for the first 4 oz...he's getting really stubborn with those - but when he finally did - a little bit of spit up, nothing abnormal, nothing to worry about

4th bottle - 6:15 this morning - NO SPIT UP!!! Are we on to something? I don't know. He always does pretty well for the first couple of days when we're trying something new, but, overall, I'd say we're at least headed in the right direction.


5th bottle - 10:15 this morning - NO SPIT UP!!!


For those of you skeptical about goat's milk, there are several websites dedicated to explaining its beneficial properties. Can you believe everything you read on the internet? Nope - so, I've checked out a LOT of websites. The only downside I see is that it is low in B12 and Folic Acid - both of which babies can get in either vitamin form or in foods they eat. Our hope is that Malachi will start holding this down and then we'll start him back on solids - which he LOVES. Here's my favorite website!

He's still really struggling with constipation. He hadn't pooped since Monday night and at 10:30 last night was REALLY uncomfortable. Suppository number 1 didn't do much, just a couple of REALLY hard little balls came out - Then, Suppository number 2 went in and stayed in until we woke him up to feed him. Still no poop. Then, Suppository number 3 went in, came out with a little bit more poop, and (sorry if this is tmi or too gross) it went BACK in so it could hopefully do some more work. FINALLY, after about 15 minutes of rubbing his tummy really hard to break everything up, he pooped some. It wasn't as much as I KNOW is in there, but it's a start. Hopefully he'll blow out his pants today at daycare!!

We'll update more when we can!!


M&E Klein said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad that your little angel is doing better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this works out for him. :)

BTW...I LOVE that we can educate ourselves via the internet. It's amazing what you can learn from reading about what other people have done or tried. You're right, you can't always think that doctors are right. After all, they are only human too and they don't observe your child like you do!

Wesley and Elizabeth said...

Hang in there! Glad he is doing better. Jamie, have you shopped at the new organic store in Amarillo? It's called Natural Grocers and it's over by Jump and Jive at SW 34/Coulter. They had a large selection of Goat's Milk and Baby Products. Call me if you want a shopping buddy! Love, Bubz