Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Remember that poop thing?....

...Yeah, it hasn't happened yet. As of today, it will be 6 days since Malachi has pooped. Yes, we have taken him to the Dr. and we have him on medicine and yes I took him back this morning because he STILL hadn't pooped and mama bear is saying THAT's ENOUGH! His X-Rays yesterday showed that he is full from rectum all the way up through the colon and through the large and small intestines. (I'm not sure what order they're in) The Dr. tried to manually get his poop out this morning (I'll spare you the details) but said there is a very large piece that is obstructing everything. So, if we don't get progress after the 20 minutes of trying that the Dr. did this morning, by 3:45pm, we are headed to BSA for the hospital to give him some enemas to make it all happen.

We'll keep everyone posted, but please be praying that Malachi will just get through this and that God will give me the strength not to lose it when my baby starts screaming again like he did this morning. It's true, God gives you a special strength when he knows that your children need it from you!

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