Monday, November 10, 2008

My Very First Not Me Monday!!

I have found inspiration from the hundreds of others who are "Not Me Monday"ing it. Led by MckMama, this is a weekly therapy session that costs no more than what your internet provider may be charging you for the minutes you are using this very moment!! What a treat!!

1. I did not spend most of my week last week at work reading through blogs and blog stalking about how others feel regarding the election.

2. I did not rant and rave on my blog about how I feel that the election turned out and how I wished it would have turned out.

3. I did not swat my 6 month old's leg for throwing a wall-eyed fit and then make him lay in his bed until he calmed down...(Only to pick him up when he did calm down and tell him how much I love him)

4. (I did not just put the number 5 instead of the number 4 because I'm sleep deprived)

5. I did not get sleep deprivation because, until 7:00 this morning, my 6 month old had not pooped in 3 days - and because at 1:00 this morning I was sitting on my living room couch with my finger inside his diaper holding in a suppository.

6. I did not call my mother this morning to ask her if my son had pooped, only to hear the man across the hall laughing because he heard me.

7. I am not waiting to see my wonderful hubby and son this afternoon so we can go talk to the Dr. about WHY my son isn't pooping.

8. I did not spend an hour last night helping my little brother correct a paper he had due at 10:00pm and I did not tell him that I will not be waiting until the last minute anymore.

9. I did not push the button on my alarm 3 times this morning because I didn't want to get up.

10. I do not have clothes all over my bedroom that I haven't hung up. (They're not dirty, they just need to be hung back up in the closet)

11. I do not have a wonderful family and I am NOT thankful for them!!

12. I have not been religiously checking MckMama's twitter to see every single thing that Stellan is doing.

13. I did not clean my son's entire room this weekend and it did not take me 45 minutes to dust. Whoever said that dark furniture was a good ideas was NOT high on crack!!
14. Oh more thing...I did NOT cheer for the TEXAS TECH RED RAIDERS this weekend when they beat OSU and went 10-0 for the first time!!


Following Him said...

I so am not glad that you joined the Not Me Monday adventure. I am also not glad the Raiders won again this weekend!
Found you through MckMama's blog :)

Kimber said...

I also do NOT have clothes all over my bedroom most of the time. I'm so happy you're joining in on NMM. It's one of the highlights of my week.