Monday, November 3, 2008


So, Friday night was Halloween, but in the Allen household, more importantly, it was Canyon vs Randall in football. Yeah...we won't talk about the game. We got Mali dressed up in his monkey costume (after all, it would keep him warm - AND it would give us that much more of a chance to show off how cute he is!!) The cool air was great for his little cough and he was a hit!!
Our Little Monkey
Look at how stuffed that belly is!

Curious George
MOM, what ARE you doing???
Chubby Cheeks!!Uncle Logan and Monkey Mali!!

Alright Lolli - I KNOW I'm cute - NO MORE KISSES!!
Metal Mouth and Monkey
This Costume had a TON of stuffing to make the belly nice and full!!
Sleepy Monkey
Now THIS is one for the albums!!
Just a quick Sidebar here - Saturday was spent working at the daycare and THEN - watching Texas Tech (7) blow Texas (1) out of the water!! 39-33 GO RED RAIDERS!!!
Mommy and Mali Cuddling on the Sunday AFTER Halloween!!

"I love you all the way to the moon...and back"


Ang (your favorite cousin) said...

Too,too cute!!! I'm glad someone has fall weather! He would have sweat buckets in that costume here! I can't believe how big he's getting!

M&E Klein said...

What a cutie!!! Malachi looks chubbier - I LOVE it!! The TTU game was awesome! Woo-hoo!

Wow, so you survived Malachi's first sickness. I worry so much about that! You make it look easy, just like everything else :)

M&E Klein said...

OK so I just watched the new video! Malachi's laugh is just adorable! Antonio doesn't laugh yet but he smiles a lot more now. He's also drooling like crazy and chews on his fist too. Haha. So funny to see our babies doing the same things. LOVE!

Mommy Magee said...

Wow! That is one cute baby!!! I like the monkey costume too cute!
Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement! He is sounding a little better but still coughing like crazy. :( He'll get better soon though. :)