Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All I want for Thanksgiving

Monday and Tuesday have come and gone with Dr. visits galore. Today will be no exception. Yesterday was better with the vomiting - still not perfect, but there are legitimate reasons for the couple of times he did. Once, he fell asleep and we couldn't get a burp and then after screaming through an ultrasound, we found it!! Then, the second time, it was FULL of mucus, so it's back on the allergy meds we go!!

However, I still don't have that sweet little boy who you have seen in my videos. He's hidden somewhere right now between a hungry/upset tummy and a ton of medicines. I know we'll figure out the right combination sometime soon, but we sure are desperate right now. He usually goes about 3 hours between bottles but yesterday barely made it 2.5. He ate last night around 11:00 and then woke up screaming at 1:15. Instead of formula, which I was afraid was upsetting his tummy, we gave him juice. It set great with him and he slept until 5:00. So, when he had a bottle around 5:00 and then started fussing around 7:00, I thought, hmmmmm, let's give him more juice. EHEHEHEHEHEH (insert sound effect from Family Feud)- Wrong Answer That upset his tummy even more. So, no more juice, nothing else new. The only thing I've done is up his formula from 1/2 strength to 3/4 strength. I'm hoping that'll help.

Right now, he eats his bottle, is okay for about 10 minutes and then gets REALLY fussy/irritable about 30 minutes after his bottle. Is it because he's hungry or because the formula is hitting his tummy and he's hurting? Is he getting spoiled and just wants to be held? Nope - even holding him, he moans and arches his back. I only wish it was the kind of crying that I could teach him a lesson with at this point. Alas, all I can do is wrap him up and hold him in mommy's arms singing to him and telling him it will all be okay. But even I'm not sure when that'll happen. That's when daddy holds me and tells ME it'll all be okay. It's a good thing we've got this system worked out.

Daddy and I are both very tired. We've been up a lot with Malachi lately. It's almost like he's got colic again. Thank you Lord that we got through that. I know that every age has its trials and tribulations. Every age has its times when you wish it was over. Then, when it is, you look back and miss it. Right now, I'm not in the missing it phase!!! I just want my happy baby back who could play in the floor for hours with his feet or his keys. I want the little laugh back and the smiles back and SLEEP back!!!

That's all I want for Christmas...(strike that)...Thanksgiving...! (Oh yeah - and maybe some chocolate)


Michelle Cristan Acevedo said...

I am sorry to hear about your son. My daughter had the same problems and initial diagnosis. Call me and maybe I can help!

ang said...

Hey Jamie...just wondering how things were going now??? And what kind of formula is he on?