Monday, November 24, 2008

0 Dr visits down - 2 to go!

Baby and Lolli just went to the Chiropractor and she worked him over!! He did have a bubble that she said felt like reflux to her, but other than that, she said he looked pretty good. She also thinks he's lost weight, but he was just weighed last week and he hadn't, so we'll double check today. Her suggestions?? Goat's Milk (either formula or fresh and she has a hookup) and if it doesn't get better, she'll get us in to a pediatric internist in Lubbock!! Going to the pediatrician in a little over an hour - I'll update then too!!

Well, this weekend, as you have read, was pretty hectic for us and Malachi. He's been such a trooper, but he just hasn't been himself. He'll play for a little while and then he gets really fussy and upset and all you can do is hold him to calm him down.

Besides the constipation, we were dealing with what we thought was a "side effect" of that constipation (lots of spitting up!) But, it's not like normal spitting up, it's more like projectile. And, since he's not constipated anymore, apparently that's NOT where it's coming from.

He's going to the Chiropractor today (she always works wonders) at 2:00pm and to see the pediatrician again (5th time in a week) at 4:45. Please be praying that I can convey to both of them the importance of what my GUT is telling me!!


M&E Klein said...

You are correct - Momma's instincts are always right! I hope your baby boy feels better soon :)

Michelle said...

Hey Jamie,
It has been a while since I last came to your blog site. When I read what was going on, I wanted to call you right away. My daughter, Brinley, had the same thing going on. Her vomit started very young. I googled and tried to find different things she could have. The doctor gave her baby zantac, I ordered baby gripe water online, and was even looking for a chiropractor. The doctor finally decided to do an ultrasound to see if she might have pyloric stenosis. Results showed everything to be normal. In my attempt to help her and myself!!! I came across chewy Rolaids. I asked the doctor and she advised me not to. She said Brinley would just grow out of it. I was really desperate(I was going through at least 35 bibs per day). I gave her half of the chewy Rolaids in the morning and tada no throw up. I gave her the other half in the afternoon. To my surprise it really worked. I continued this routine for two weeks. Afterwards I no longer needed it, she was fine. She still has small spit up episodes (normal) we have been fortunate that it is not like at first. Maybe it was her growing out of it maybe it was the Rolaids. The chewy Rolaids didn't hurt her and now thankfully she is normal (no more exorcist vomit episodes in church)!!! If all else fails you should try some.

Michelle Cristan Acevedo