Monday, September 1, 2008

I have an AWESOME daddy!!

University Announces Award Winners

CANYON, Texas—Four West Texas A&M employees were honored with some of the University’s highest awards during the annual Faculty/Staff Convocation Aug. 18 at Mary Moody Northen Recital Hall.

Traditionally, award presentations at the Faculty/Staff Convocation have been reserved to three coveted staff awards—the Clarence E. Thompson Staff Excellence Award and two Staff Excellence Awards—but this year University officials also presented the University’s first-ever Magister Optimus Award for faculty.

Dr. J. Patrick O’Brien, University president, and Jack Schiller, president of the WTAMU Staff Council, presented the three staff awards. Randy Brown, supervisor in Central Supply, received WTAMU’s highest staff honor as the 2008 recipient of the Clarence E. Thompson Staff Excellence Award. Brown, who joined the WTAMU staff in 2000, maintains the University’s Central Supply and coordinates numerous campus moves.

Dr. Jessica Mallard, right, received the University's first-everMagister Optimus Award. The award was presented to her by Dr. James Hallmark, left, and Dr. Robert Hansen, center.
“Randy is one of the “unsung heroes” whose work goes on behind the scenes to help make every event on campus successful,” O’Brien said.
How does a little girl thank the man that taught her how to ride a bike, didn't laugh (too hard) at her when she crimped her hair and dressed up in her "barbie" outfit, took her trick-or-treating and to the school fair as Frankenstein and Frankenstein's daughter, sat in a baby pool in the back yard so she didn't have to swim alone, put together her Barbie house and Barbie car, even though she ruined the surprise by walking in your room without knocking...haha? How does a little girl thank her dad for loving her and her mom, even though a lot of men would've run the other way? How does a little girl thank her daddy for bubble mowing, and snowman building and kite flying? How does a little girl thank her daddy for giving her the best little brother she could have and the best vacations as a family? How does a little girl thank her daddy for teaching her what a good man is and that she deserves NOTHING but the best? How does a little girl thank her daddy for being the best "Pops" a grandchild could ever ask for? How does a little girl thank her daddy for Nikes and mobiles, and diapers and wipes and loving her baby SO MUCH? The only way that I can think of to thank you for your love is to tell you, and show you, and teach her children what a great Pops they have!! To teach them to follow your example and be just like you! Dad, I have seen Christ in you, and I thank you so much for that example! I am so proud of you and your award, but I am MORE proud to say, that's MY daddy up there!!
I love you more than these words could possibly express!!
Daddy's Little Girl

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M&E Klein said...

That's so awesome that you've lost all your weight!! I bet it feels awesome. I started working out yesterday and it was heaven...You know I gained 50 lbs and only 20 have come off so I got a ways to go. Going back to work was good too. My Mom is watching Antonio at her house (she lives on the street behind me) so my mind was at ease. I also got 2 picture frames of him at my desk and I'm working on getting my digital frame full of pictures too.

Malachi really is starting to look like a big boy. He has big chubby cheeks like Antonio :)

Oh, and that's really awesome about your Dad! Congrats!