Monday, September 15, 2008

An Historic Moment!!

Last night was another of what are sure to be MANY MORE historic moments in the early life of Malachi Allen. Yes, that's right, he....SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! Yesterday was a rough day. He was in his seat a lot...Then he would be taken out, eat, burped, loved on, put back in etc. Then we went to my parent's house and he just never really got a good nap. So, last night, he ate at about 6:30pm. He stayed awake for a while, slept for about an hour and then we got home at about 8:45. He immediately went to sleep - HARD sleep - and we knew he would probably want to eat again around 10:30. So, we went to sleep, fully expecting to be woken up soon by a crying baby telling us his little tummy was empty. At almost 1:00am, I woke up and asked Thomas what time it was. When he said 1:00, I jumped up and checked on Malachi, only to find him sleeping IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION as when I put him down. It actually took me a few minutes to listen and make sure he was breathing. The rest of the night was full of tossing and turning anticipating a scream at any moment. I got up at 2:15, 3:30, 4:30 and finally at 5:30. I went to check on him one last time at 5:30 and he was moving around quite a bit, so I asked Thomas to go pick him up. He ate his bottle (eyes closed pretty much the whole time) and was back asleep by 6:00am. So, mommy and daddy crawled back in bed and didn't get up until 6:45 - ONLY because we had to for work!!

So, even though it was incredibly restful for Malachi, Mommy and Daddy tossed and turned all night. But, I guess that's how it goes the first few times they sleep all night!! Hopefully it wasn't just a fluke, but, I'd be willing to bet that it was!!

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Wesley and Elizabeth said...

Yeah! Hope he keeps sleeping! Love yall, Aunt Bubzes and Uncle Dub