Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How do I Love Thee?

This post is dedicated to my incredible husband. Yes, I've mentioned on and off throughout my blogs how great he is, but I've never taken the time to tell him how much I love and adore him.

Thomas, the last 10 years have been the happiest of my life. Who would've thought that 10 years ago this October, we would have been starting our life together? I never imagined that the cute boy I've had a crush on since 7th grade would one day be my husband and the father of our precious little boy. Everytime I look at Malachi, I see you. Not just in the specific features that you share, but in his eyes. This morning before I left the house, I told you that I am SO in love with him. And now it has hit me why. It's because I'm so in love with you and he IS you! It's so fun to watch you with him and it makes me love you both so much more everytime I see that. You are doing an incredible job! From getting him ready every morning to taking over for me sometimes at night, you take such good care of him. You're so gentle and loving with him that I know HE knows you're HIS daddy and NOTHING will ever change that! I so hate it that we didn't meet and fall in love when we were 5. I hate that we missed that time together! I knew when I met you what a special heart you had and over the years, you have proven that OVER AND OVER to me! Our life now revolves around a whole new little person and what an experience it has been so far! Through it, I think we've learned to love each other in a WHOLE NEW WAY!! I have a new respect for you as a man and I have a whole new love for you as a husband! You are an incredible husband, father, son, brother and uncle! How blessed this world is to have Thomas Allen in it!

I love you honey. Thank you for my son, thank you for my life!!

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Denise said...

I don't know if I already asked you or not, but if I could get your email address, I can send you the invitation to view our blog now. I'm glad you've kept up with us! Hope everything is going good for you guys!