Tuesday, June 17, 2008

4 1/2 Weeks down!!

4 1/2 weeks ago, I could never have imagined what my life is like now! We have been struggling with Colic and it's been pretty tough. He's had such bad tummy problems and just wasn't sleeping at night. So, last Friday, we went to the Dr. He had been REALLY uncomfortable at daycare all day and hadn't been resting well for a few nights. When we got to the Dr.'s office, we stripped him down and the nurse weighed him. Drumroll please...He's gained 2 whole pounds and grown 2 inches in just 4 weeks! YEA! (Insert Fireworks Graphic here) He was 7lbs 14 oz and 20 1/2 inches!! So, we figured that's right about where he would've been if he would've been born on his due date. The Dr. was thrilled! We also discussed what Malachi had been going through over the past few days. My last post, I mentioned that we had changed formulas and apparently it was the new formula that was upsetting his tummy, even though it's supposed to be more gentle on his system. So, the Dr. put him on Nutramigen, made by Enfamil, which is supposed to be much easier for them to digest. He also said we could give him 1cc Maalox or Mylanta 3 times a day and that might help. As for the crying every night, he said that's Colic and there's really nothing we can do but ride out the storm. My mom kept him Monday night until about 3:00 in the morning so we could get some sleep and that's SO what we did. We were asleep by 8:15pm and slept until 3:00. It was great. Then, last night, Mal went to sleep around 8:00 and stayed asleep until 12:00 when Thomas had to wake him up to feed him. From now on, if he's asleep, he'll stay that way. But, then he went back to sleep until around 3:15, ate and went back to sleep until 6:15. NO COLIC!!! Does that mean every night will be this good? Probably not, but last night was great! His tummy seems to be MUCH calmer and he is resting really well! He's also starting to go bald! It's hilarious. He looks like a little old man. But, I can't wait to see when his "real" hair comes in!! He's just such a blessing from God and we are having such a good time being parents. We did introduce him at church on Sunday, Father's Day, and that was really neat! Thomas was so excited to introduce his baby boy on his first Father's Day! I was excited that he was able to do that. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us. God is SO Good!!

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Hey button,was so good getting to see you this weekend.Papa ken has been looking for some special things for you.Ill get them found before to long.cause I aint scared,

Love Ya Papa ken