Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We've Reached ONE Goal!!

Today marks 33 1/2 weeks!! Last Wednesday we set the goal of getting to this Wednesday and we MADE IT!!! We went back to the Dr. today and he said the baby is measuring right where he should and his sweet little heartbeat was right on target! Dr. Hopkins is estimating that Malachi weighs right around 4.5 pounds which, if we made it to term, would mean he would be right at 8 pounds!! That would make Daddy VERY happy...haha! We're pleased with his development and we KNOW that God knows what He's doing!

Last Monday was kinda scary...Starting at about 5:15 I started having contractions and had pretty decent contractions until about 8:15, and then they just STOPPED. We were a little scared, but once they stopped, it was a BIG relief.

Malachi has also started an interesting habit. Everyday he gets the hiccups AT LEAST 3 or 4 times a day. In fact, today he had them 3 times between 4 and 7pm. It's absolutely hilarious to watch my tummy jump around like I ate Mexican jumping beans for lunch! But, it's very reassuring to feel them because he usually gets mad and starts REALLY moving around when he's had them for a few minutes! My little nephew, Karter, (who is 3, and really isn't my nephew, but for all intensive purposes, is...) put his hand on my tummy the other day and got to feel them and he thought it was hilarious!

Well, I guess that's all we have to update y'all on for now. Thomas is doing a GREAT job taking care of me and I am VERY thankful for him and all that he is to me and Malachi! He's been running back and forth from my job getting me projects and running me to the Dr. and running me here and there and working and keeping the laundry going and keeping the house cleaned up...he's incredible!!

Our next Dr.'s appointment is Friday, May 2nd and we'll be ALMOST 35 weeks by then, so that's our NEXT goal! Just pray that we make it that far and then we'll set another goal!

Our love to you all!

P.S. Enjoy the newest slideshow. It's pictures of my mom working on Malachi's mum for his hospital door...and then we'll hang it in his room since it matches!

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