Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We've Made Progress

The good news is that we made it to 34 weeks! That was the BIG goal the Dr. set for us after we had to go to the hospital a few weeks ago! He said that if they gave us the steroids, they would have the maximum effect by 34 weeks. So, the steroids have done their work! And, by the feel of these kicks, I believe it! haha Our next goal was to make it to next Friday for our next Dr.'s Appointment! However, Malachi seemed to have some different ideas.

Yesterday morning around 3:30 I woke up with more bleeding. I hollered at Thomas and told him it was time to go again. We called the Dr. and the parentals to let them know what was going on and it was off to BSA we went. We were put into triage room 1 by 4:15 and immediately placed on the monitors again. Of course, Malachi's heartbeat sounded perfect, as it always has, and his little hiccups sounded adorable!! However, around 5:00, I began experiencing contractions. After about 30 minutes of little ones, they started to get bigger and bigger. The nurses came in, put me on an IV to make sure that I wasn't contracting because I was dehydrated and told us that if I was in labor, they probably weren't going to do anything to stop it. On one hand, we were a little nervous because we know it's still early. However, we knew that Malachi would be OK if he were born, so we actually started to get our hopes up that it might be the day we would meet our son. They finally checked my cervix around 10:00, after several good hours of contractions and said that I had dilated to a 3 and was 60% effaced. Then, around 11:00, they came in and decided to try to stop my labor. I got ANOTHER shot of Tributylene and it seemed to slow things down a little. Finally, around 1:30, they said that the big contractions had pretty much stopped, so they sent me home.

It was really hard to go through the anticipation that we might get to meet our son and then have it stopped so abruptly. We're glad that he's still in there, but we got really down last night because we didn't expect to leave the hospital pregnant. However, Thomas got up and put Malachi's new stroller and swing together that Mimi, Doffy and Taffy got us and that was a LOT of fun! The swing has already found a home in the living room and we have even packed the new diaper bag that we got for the hospital. We've been given some really cute preemie clothes from a friend (hopefully we won't have to use them) and Lolli and Pop bought Malachi his "going home outfit" last week! We have our mum made, our special t-shirts are here, the bags are packed, the carseat is ready to go and we are only waiting on the big day! The Dr. told us that at 5 centimeters he would break my water, and we're already at a 3, so we don't think it'll be TOO much longer.

We're so ready to meet our little boy! Just keep praying that God will keep His protective hand over us and Malachi!

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