Wednesday, April 2, 2008


If we had written this post yesterday or last night, it might have been drastically different. We went to the Dr. again on Monday and they measured us and checked Malachi's heartbeat! We didn't get to actually see the Dr. (he had a delivery...and one day that will be us) but his head nurse told us everything looked great and sounded great. They scheduled us for a Dr.'s appointment on April 16th for a sonogram to make sure everything's still going well. So, off we went for the next 2 days, thinking everything was great! However, last night around midnight, I woke up bleeding. We were very scared, but the bleeding stopped as soon as it started, and I haven't had any contractions/pain/discomfort. Malachi's moving as we speak. So, I've called the Dr. to get in to see him TODAY just to MAKE sure that everything is okay. Please be praying that everything with Malachi is okay.

Thomas did get to "pack my bag" last night, which was kinda fun...haha. So, we've figured out exactly what else we need to get to pack. As soon as we get done at the Dr. today we'll be picking up some necessities for my bag.

In the meantime, we had a GREAT Easter. The pictures on here are courtesy of Jordan and Jennie and we thank them for sending them to us! Saturday night before Easter at the Amarillo Club was a BLAST!! Me and Malachi even got to dance with Dad, so that was VERY special!! Easter Sunday, even though it was cold and dreary, was special and we all ATE AND ATE AND ATE!!! So, after Dinner Saturday and lunch Sunday, Malachi must have put on about 10 pounds...haha, I wish!

Well, as soon as we get news about what's going on, we'll let everyone know - Just's TOOO EARLY!!

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