Thursday, April 3, 2008

More Updates!

We spoke to the Dr. yesterday and he seems to think that everything is still okay. Without getting into the details (since most of y'all don't really want to know THAT much,) the farther along I get, the more my body will shift and the more Malachi will start to move down into "locked and loaded" position. Since the placenta is kinda low, it sometimes causes it to tear a little and this can cause bleeding. As long as the bleeding stops, and there are no other signs of labor, my Dr. said everything should be fine. The good news is that we are out of the "danger zone" as far as Malachi is concerned. He should be somewhere around 4 lbs by now and around 16 inches long. Although this is still little, and he needs to stay in and "bake" a little while longer, he would definitely be able to make it after a stay in the NICU. So, even though we REALLY want him to stay in at LEAST another 6 weeks or so, it's a relief to know he would make it should something terrible happen (God Forbid)!!! We go in for a sonogram in another 2 weeks and I should be right around 32 weeks! ONLY 10 WEEKS TO GO!!!!

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