Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Greetings from Contraction Land!!!

Hey guys...

The blog is likely to be updated a little more often for a while!! I have officially been put on bedrest, and right now I am at Baptist St. Anthony's hospital watching the contraction monitor go up and up and up, and then coming back down...a little...and then going back up and up again!!! Thomas and my mom are busy watching the monitor and telling me what's going on!! Oh well...what else are they gonna do???

For those of you who don't know, I was admitted to the hospital Monday morning at 4:07am with more bleeding and contractions. They have been working, working, working at getting my contractions stopped. First it was shots of Tributylene, but those have ceased working. Now, we're taking the pill form. The pill form is supposed to last somewhere around 4 hours...and I just took my first, so we'll see!!! You know, I know there are women hitting the 100s in labor right now, but that still doesn 't seem to be helping me deal with the every 30 second 40s and 50s I'm getting!! Oh well!! Right now I'm just more annoyed than hurting!!

I'll keep everyone posted and we'll post some pictures of our new home REAL soon!!

Love y'all
Thomas, Jamie and Malachi!!!

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Anonymous said...

You three are in our prayers!