Friday, April 11, 2008

Bedrest Sucks!

We officially made it through our first full day of bedrest yesterday! YEA US! Poor dad is running himself ragged trying to keep everything going around here. He got up yesterday morning, took care of me, cleaned up a little around the house after our hasty getaway on Monday, ran to work for a few hours yesterday afternoon, bought groceries, came home last night, set up my wireless internet router and DIED around 9:30. Please be praying that God will continue to give him energy and keep his spirits up during this time! It can't be easy waiting on me hand and foot constantly (I should know, I've done it for 25 years! haha) He's doing great though!

My parents brought dinner over last night, and my mom helped do a little laundry, dishes and helped me organize the baby's clothes in the armoire! Actually, she did it while I sat there watching. She brought over dinner for tonight already. I think Thomas' mom is making us "something Italian" this weekend. And no, that doesn't mean she's making us something Italian. That's actually what the dish is called. So, needless to say, Little Malachi isn't going to be going hungry! haha

As far as things go with him, I haven't had any major contractions (maybe 2 or 3 all day yesterday!) And...relatively speaking, those weren't even REAL contractions. They're just annoying. He's moving all over the place, so much so that it kept me awake last night for a while, but that's a good feeling! We have our next Dr.'s appointment next Wednesday at 9:00 and we're hoping that I won't have dilated any further by then. So, just keep praying that God will keep our precious son in the womb for at LEAST another 3 weeks. The longer he stays in, the better off we'll ALL be!

Love to you all

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