Monday, April 14, 2008

Back to BSAsics

Yesterday meant April 13th to most people. For the Allen family, it meant yet another trip to BSA. We're getting to be regulars around there! Saturday was pretty active in the life of Malachi's womb, and mommy and daddy felt like a trip to the hospital was imminent. Saturday night, between bathroom trips, hiccups (Malachi, not mom) and tossing and turning due to hot flashes, neither Mommy nor Daddy got much sleep. Sunday morning, Mommy got up and took a bath, did her makeup, styled her hair and Daddy got up and got ready to help Pop and Uncle Logan mow. Mommy went to Lolli's house so she wasn't at home alone, and it's a good thing. Around 1:00 contractions started coming and the family was back at the hospital by 2:00. After 1 shot didn't work, they gave Mommy ANOTHER shot, which not only helped to stop the contractions, but made Mommy feel like she was on Crack! Finally, around 5:30, we got to go home with strict instructions that if contractions started again, or any other problems arose to head right back up to the hospital. Thankfully, Mommy hasn't dilated anymore, so it looks like the contractions she's been having haven't been working!

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and calls! Just keep praying that Malachi stays in for a while!!

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