Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Day, Another Dr.'s Appt

Today we went to the Dr...Again! My Dr. has told me I would get sick of appointments and I told him I wouldn't, as long as we got to see/hear the baby. But, today was a different story. I got to go in today for my blood glucose test to make sure that I haven't developed gestational diabetes. So...I got to drink this drink that tasted like I made Kool-Aid but put WAY too much Kool-Aid, WAY too much sugar and NO water in it. It was the equivalent of 50 grams of sugar. Not too bad, sort of like a hyped up Mountain Dew. The baby seemed to enjoy it and was literally "bouncing off the walls" once it all started metabolizing in my system. No news is good news, so if we don't hear from the Dr.'s office within the next day or so, we'll know that everything went well.

Malachi's doing really well too! We didn't get a sono this time, since we were just in 2 weeks ago, but we got to listen to his heartbeat and it was still right around the 140s...exactly where it needs to be. The Dr. also measured me and said that everything looks great there! The baby was kicking and rolling while the Dr. was measuring me, so much so that we all started laughing! That's such a happy feeling! Our next sono is in 2 weeks, March 31st and we will go every 2 weeks thereafter until the last month when we will go every week. God has really brought us through a lot during this pregnancy and we can't wait until we can have him in our arms!!

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Jordan and Jennie Jackson said...

Hey Guys! We are so happy to hear that Malachi is healthy! Can't wait to see ya'll this weekend.