Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We're So Blessed!!!

Wow...We're glad that we were able to steal the blogging idea from our wonderful sister and brother (in-law)! All credit for this blog can first be given to Jennie and Jordan Jackson for turning us onto this idea! Like them, we also HATE myspace, but because we don't really get on the computer much outside of work, we didn't know what other options we had! So...we're thrilled that they started their blog and gave us the idea to start our own!

As many of you know, we are also pregnant, 22 weeks to be exact, and are doing fabulous!! We found out two days after Christmas that not only are we having a HEALTHY baby, but that we are having a beautiful little boy. His name is either Thomas Malachi or Charles Malachi. Daddy gets to make that decision! He is definitely a little boy as he is already twisting and turning and kicking and punching mommy all the time! Daddy calls him his little quarterback! (But Daddy was a tight end so we'll just have to see about that!!) We both feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity by God and we appreciate so much all the thoughts and prayers that have already been prayed for us!

We have also just bought our first home and little Malachi's room was the first to be put together. Lolli and Pop (Jamie's parents) bought the crib and the bedding and we couldn't wait to get it all washed and put together! So, last night while Daddy was working on getting the cable hooked up, Mommy put together all the bedding and now, minus hanging pictures, we're ready for little Malachi! We've even got 3 cases of diapers bought and put away already! (Can you tell we've been waiting for this for a LONG time?) Well, we'll blog more when we get more news! Enjoy our blog and pictures and we'll do our best to keep things up to date!!

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Lynn Brown said...

Hey guys! LOVE THE BLOG! I know you are happy to be getting into the house and settled.Kelly & I are ready to "do" the letters for Malachi. Would be a great thing to do this week-end. Let me know when. We love you both bunches.