Thursday, February 21, 2008

Malachi's First Flight!

Malachi got back from his first business trip last night! Mom had to go to Austin for a 2 day conference this week and Malachi seemed to have enjoyed himself. Mom's doctor told us that after we get into our 3rd trimester, we didn't need to be traveling anymore so Mom's boss made 2 quick trips for her this month. The first was to Austin Monday-Wednesday to learn about the "Next Generation" of 9-1-1 and what it's going to mean for anyone who calls 9-1-1. We're considering getting the recordings of the conference so that when Malachi gets here it can lull him to sleep just like it did for him and mom when they were there! (haha) The next trip, Dad will be going too!! We're very excited to get to spend some time together in a nice hotel, all paid for by Mom's job!!! We're leaving Saturday morning around 7:30 and flying to San Antonio! Since this is where we spent our honeymoon, we're calling this our "babymoon!" It'll probably be the last trip before the baby's born and, truthfully, the last trip for a while, even after Malachi gets here! So, we're excited! Flying didn't seem to bother Malachi. He squirmed quite a bit during take-off and landing, but nothing seemed to distress him! Then, this morning, after a GREAT night's sleep, he didn't feel like waking up (and neither did mom!!) But, it seems as though he's woken up now!!

We go back to the doctor next Thursday, February 28th, and can't wait to see how big he's gotten! We have to do a small test to see if his placenta has moved at all because last time the doctor thought it might be covering mom's cervix which would probably lead to a C-Section sometime around the beginning of May, instead of waiting until June. So, if his placenta has moved, that's great news and we'll be able to proceed as normal for delivery. If not, it won't cause any problems for mom or Malachi, but it will lead to a scheduled C-Section about a month early if his lungs are ready! So, just keep us in your prayers that God will continue to take care of us!

We'll try to post some more sono pictures as soon as we get them next week!!

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