Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well, we are finally settling into our new home! It has turned out so well and has done a complete 180 since we moved in a little over 2 weeks ago. This is all in large part to Jamie's parents who have worked their butts off with us since the first of the year! I can't wait for everyone to see how well our first home has turned out! We are very proud of it!

Little Malachi is doing very well! It seems like everyday his kicks get a little harder and he gets a little more active. He seems to wake up when mom does and dad can even feel his little kicks against his back when we're laying down! Mom has also learned to love taking baths as this seems to stimulate Malachi and he moves ALL over the place! It's really fun to watch (and feel!) He also gets really active around 8:00pm and goes crazy for a couple of hours before settling back down! We're hoping he maintains this schedule! That would be great!

We better wrap it up for now. We love everyone and hope that you enjoy our blog!!

P.S. To leave a message for us, you might have to register with google, but it's pretty easy and we sure would love to hear from everyone!!

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Jordan and Jennie Jackson said...

Hey you two! I love your blog! It is so cute. Your pictures are great. I love the 4-D picture.....I can't wait for that! Little Malachi is so handsome! I can't wait to see him in person. His room turned out great. I love the green and the animals, great job! Thanks for sharing this with us. We love you guys!